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House Uploaded!

I uploaded the latest Skipton house! It was requested and I’m sorry it took so long!
It is in the Houses thread(to the right) if you need pictures to remind you what it looks like. I replaced some of the items that were custom. I may have missed some CC patters, sorry, but let’s be real you were going to remodel anyway :)


I haven’t played the Skiptons with Seasons yet, because some of my mods aren’t updated and I am super SUPER lazy D:
I have enough pictures for a Shepherd update though, who wants one? I might work on that and get it up by Sunday Tuesday Wednesday. Wow.. I thought it was Friday.. has anyone seen my brain?

Simself news!

For those interested I have updated my simself and I strongly recommend getting this version if you have an old one already because this one is better. There’s only one piece of CC needed(it’s hair so if you don’t want that just put something else on her I really don’t mind) and she has more interesting traits. Also I have uploaded her not only on mediafire but also the exchange for those who have trouble downloading her from mediafire. I didn’t change her picture on my downloads page, don’t be alarmed.

She’s on the Sims Downloads page, link to which is on the sidebar :)
You can go there, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and search for Mariah.

Thank you for your time.


!Skipton Family Tree!

I’ve done it. I created a family tree for the Skiptons!

  • The image under the read more is a thumbnail, so although it’s still readable it is a smaller version of the actual tree, which I created as a 1400×1760 image. CLICK the image to see the bigger one.
  • Spares partners and/or children aren’t on it because that would be a nightmare for me to make.
  • Every family member’s nameplate is in their favourite colour and twins/triplets have special markers on them.
  • Siblings are placed in order of oldest to youngest.
  • I tried to place the Torch-Holder directly under their parents, but it became difficult in some generations.
  • I haven’t written numbers on the heirs, which I realize now that I could have done oops. Instead the main bloodline is a bolder line than the lines to spares. Also the border around the THs are bolder.
  • I might change the main line into a different colour if you find it confusing, although if you know who the heirs are then it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • If you’re all up to date on the legacy then this doesn’t have any spoilers on it at all, but if you haven’t caught up then beware.
  • My resolution is 1440×900 so naturally I state that it is the best resolution to view this monster at. If your resolution is very low you may need to scroll to oblivion.
  • Ok, go!

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Family Tree is in the facory.

I’m currently working on making a family tree for the Skiptons. Unfortunately I’ve lost the pictures I’ve taken between the very beginning and Andrew’s birth. I thought I had made a backup somewhere but I can’t find it anywhere on my pc or on my external so I have to go back to old chapters to get the pictures for the family members that I need, which is unfortunate but doable. I’m making it as one big image file as opposed to what I did with the Chimerees where every generation was it’s own image and I’d add a new line as generations were added. Mostly because I only have two generations to go.

This might take me a couple of days for reasons you will understand if you’ve ever tried to make a legacy family tree before. It’s complicated and frustrating.. but it’s worth it, right? I’ll let you all know when it’s done.

No update yet, only glitches.

I updated my game to the highest patch-level and since then my game(at least the Shepherds) has been refusing to save. Every time I try it gets stuck in a loop saving forever(trust me, I waited an hour). I think I’ve tracked it down to customizing. Normal playing seemed to be fine, but as soon as I customized a specific door(non-CC) it would get stuck in a loop. I was in the middle of remaking their house, too, so as you can imagine I got so frustrated that I quit and got addicted to Skyrim and FIFA 12 on the PS3 instead. I’ll try to play some in the weekend and see if the problem truly is the game itself, just the Shepherds save or what the hell is going on.

I do have enough pictures for a Shepherd update though and I’ll do my best to get that up Saturday-ish, but I’m not promising anything.


Edit: This problem has been fixed :)

Explain yourself, woman!

So, haven’t seen any Shepherd updates around lately… since June actually. What happened was.. I deleted the neighbourhood they lived in and couldn’t load their save any more. I haven’t felt like going out to look for it again so I can re-download it and play the family again. However I did so last week and I’m going to play them again today. I will not let them be the first legacy I ever failed!

Anyway, you can expect and update. But I’ll still always prefer my Skiptons.

Mariah plays Pets!

Hey there!

This isn’t a legacy post but it is a post none the less and it has pictures! Yeah!
It’s not a walkthrough or anything, I just realized I had some pictures so why not share them with the world!

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EZPaster Update

During the move the EZPaster was lost, so i decided to make a new one.

This one is actually integrated into the website so it doesn’t look so shady anymore either.
It still does the same thing. It takes the source link and folder, puts the screenshot number behind em and then loops the whole code X times and displays your code.

I removed the HTML function, since basically the code printed out for WordPress -is- HTML.

Furthermore i added the ability to change the image sizes. I don’t know if the ones provided were picked by Mariah or are a WordPress standard to this theme, but it cant hurt to play around with i think.

If there’s any other problems, or even idea’s on how to make it better feel free to reply.
If my nerdism can help people, i will gladly do so.