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1.2 Getting Along

We’ll be get-get-gettin’ get-get-gettin’ getting aloooooong!

Who’s the little princess on the title? Why it’s Christa Silver, aged down x3
I didn’t have a different picture that worked as a title. Lame.

Last time: Martine finally saved some lives and gave up on having anther baby. Kerrin was cute and became a teenager.

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I just started another legacy to run next to the Skipton ISBI. Check it out.

The Shepherd Legacy ~ 0.1

Because apparently.. I wanted to see if I can manage two legacies at once xD
This will be a secondary legacy. It WILL run alongside the Skipton ISBI, but the ISBI will take priority over this, so the updates will be further apart.
It’s just a regular ole’ legacy.. sort of. I’m going to let this go wherever it goes.

I’m not gonna keep myself from swearing, so there may be some of that.

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1.1 To Save a Life

Firstly, it’s spirit day, that I want to honour. So I’m giving my heart to every LGBTQA person who is/has been bullied and actually.. every awesome queer in general. You guys don’t get by far enough love.

I love you! You are so strong and beautiful and amazing. NEVER STOP!

Check out this Tumblr of pure awesome.
And this one.

And now to our regular program..

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1.0 Here we go!

Last time Robin didn’t want to make babies and Martine saved the world.

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My boyfriend Marco made the tool he wrote for me, that creates the HTML code for screenshots, available for all of you. Check it out under Tools and Downloads!

0.3 Y No Babies?

Last time: A freaking meteor crushed Martine’s kitchen and bathroom and Robin moved in to save the day!

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Important Stuff!


It has come to our attention that it is possible to input your email as your name when commenting, without wordpress giving you a warning about this. While there is nothing against using your email as your name i must warn you that this website is viewable by pretty much anyone and anything on the internet. This includes crawlers. They really like your juicy email and will start spamming it if they manage to find it.

Please be careful and keep your email hidden as much as possible. The reason you have to enter your email is for authentication and to receive emails about replies should you choose so. Others will not be able to see your email.

If you really cant help it try substituting the “@” symbol for “(at)” or the “.” for “(dot)”. This will make it a lot harder for a machine to read your email address.