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2.1 Why am I here?

Welcome back!

Please note that this chapter has A TON of pop-up notices about other sims. If you don’t like it.. just, I don’t know. I can’t help but care about these other sims as well. Read the rest of this entry »

2.0 Dynamic Duo

Hey there! I’m back!
Game: But for how long, mwahahaha!
You! *squints eyes and shakes fist at* EVIL.

The problem I first had and my recent crashing weren’t caused by the same thing. The recent problem was caused by some custom windows. Don’t I feel silly now. Let us hope the problems are gone now. FOR HOW LONG?

Last time: Skiptons and their townmates moved to Sunset Valley; Martine quit her job in preparation of becoming a NTH; Kerrin grew up, flirted with, began dating, moved in with and got engaged to.. Constance Shelley. When we last left the family Connie and Martine were playing catch behind the house in their autonomy.

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Update! [22/11/10]

Uploaded the second Skipton house and Midge, Lima Shepherd’s roommate! Check them out under Tools & Downloads > Download a House and Download a Sim.


Edit: I also finally got around to making a banner and button if you want to add them to your site ;) Find them under Support.

The Shepherd Legacy ~ 1.0

Welcome! I managed to get the Shepherds to work for some reason. Their house has A LOT less CC in it, so my game has less to load and uses less RAM. Makes sense? Maybe. Not to mention I… I’ll explain when time comes about half-way through.

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I uploaded some sexy pixels for you.
Go to Tools & Downloads and click on Download a Sim.
Skiptons’ house will be up as soon as Mediafire starts working again correctly for me.

1.3 This is Bliss

Welcome back! I’m so glad to be back. As you might have noticed, from my extensive whining. I had some severe crashing problems that started a few days after getting Late Night.
I was able to fix them using the method mentioned here. Mind you, I had the option turned off the whole time anyway, but I turned it on, then off again and my game’s been running crashless for now! Well, it did for a while then stated crashing again, but that was after this chapter was played out. I hope I get it to work again soon, this is so annoying.

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