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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 1.2

I’d much rather play the Skiptons, since their savegame doesn’t have horrible CPU lags and I have more space in my heart for them, but it’s been so long since we saw the Shepherds, so here’s an update!

Last time: Lima wanted to cuddle with Midge, but was rejected. She gave birth to her daughter with Robin and named her Clarice. Then she had two girlfriends in Tina and Roksana and a boyfriend in Jarred. 3 to go!
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Holiday rush!

I won’t be at my computer(and thus my sims) much this weekend due to the holidays so no update till after that for sure.

Have a happy Chrismahanukwanzaka!

2.4 The Cute Factor

Last time Robin died and everyone went into red. Other things happened but were largely overshadowed by the death.

When I left you last time Delano, Kerrin and Constance’s 5th child was about to grow up into a.. well child! Read the rest of this entry »

2.3 Daisies

Daisies. Also known as “I didn’t know what else to call this”

Last time everyone and their bladder failed. Martine put out her last fire and then died of old age. Fletcher and Portia became 2-star celebrities and Constance had Kerrin’s 5th child; a boy named Delano! Now they just have to survive till their teen birthday and Kerrin should be golden. Read the rest of this entry »

Thea’s moves.

I videotaped Alathea dancing. Because she has awesome moves. She obviously inherited them from her grandpa :D

Also I should note, that I wrote it wrong in the latest chapter(I’ve fixed it since) when I wrote that I’m using HP’s Custard faces now. The face replacements I’m using are Moonlight ones instead; same as my body skins.

2.2 Face, meet Palm

Last time Connie was Neurotic while Fletcher was a genius child. Connie had a baby girl named Portia, then got pregnant immediately and had mixed gender twins named Nazario and Alathea. Oh and Robin was an awesome grandpa.

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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 1.1

Hey it’s the Shepherds!

Last time Lima had a baby boy, the family moved, Lima had some boyfriends and girlfriends, then her son grew older and soon she found herself pregnant again. Read the rest of this entry »