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3.0 Little Sister

Last time Thea became a vampire and flirted with her new neighbour named Alison. And Kerrin failed to find his bed. Read the rest of this entry »

2.6 New and Improved!

Last time everyone apart from Delano grew up and everyone except Alathea the heiress, Delano and their parents moved out. And I got a new Torch-Holder! Read the rest of this entry »

Martine, you game crasher, you!

So somebody told me that Martine crashed their game as soon as she picked her out in CAS. I tried her out in AnyGameStarter and indeed she crashed.
I re-created her in my regular game but but without the freckly skin – still crashed.

I stripped her of ALL custom content and she worked fine, so I re-uploaded her.
ALSO in case you don’t want the freckly skin and are unsure whether it’s safe to get say Kerrin or Fletcher without it.. I uploaded every freckly-skin sim I have a second time(there are two links) without the skin :)

I hope they all work fine again for you, but let me know if someone crashes your game and I’ll see if I can fix it.

2.5 Your Biggest Fan


Alternative title: Unicorns.

So last time there was a poll and

Alathea wins with a landslide. Nice.

Poor Fletcher only got 11 votes. I like Fletch. However.. I’m glad my favourite won.. cause quite frankly, Alathea is pure awesome. You will see her show it in this chapter as well.

!WARNING! This is a 174-picture update.
Consider yourself warned.

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