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New look!

I customized the site some more!

Those who have read the Chimeree rainbow legacy can see some familiar faces on the little bar! :D

I really like it and I hope you do too!

4.0 Mine!

Whew, chapter!

BTW, if you missed it there was a 3.7 also. I uploaded both nearly at the same time, so make sure you go read that one first!

Last time Glyn found out that Monty has a girlfriend. Also Queenie grew up and moved out and Brennan grew up and did not move out.
And tons of fails almost made me pull out my hair. Read the rest of this entry »

3.7 Losing Count

Hello and welcome to a new chapter of the Skiptons! If you’re new, it’s an I’m Surrounded by Idiots challenge and so far.. everyone’s failing left and right.
The cover presents our current heiress Glyn Skipton, generation 3 all the way.

Last time, after a 2-week hiatus Glyn began looking for a mate and found a very in-a-relationship Montgomery Veltran. Yes, he is dating Penelope who is also Glyn’s co-worker. What will happen next!? AND WILL THERE BE BABIES?! Well, no cause it’s not 4.0 is it? Read the rest of this entry »

Trying new things.. sort of.

I’m trying my ISBI in a AnyGameStarter game without World Adventures.. I’m thinking of committing to that save. I never go travelling anyway and I’m not convinced I need the rest of WA’s features.


3.6 Cake or Death?

Last time: We found out why Thea divorced Alison and Teia grew up and moved out. And I found out that many of my readers really like Queenie, for some reason.

I’m sorry it took a while for this update to arrive. I’ve been distracted by Pokémon Black and laziness. I’ve been already playing ahead from this chapter a bit, so I hope the next chapter won’t take two weeks .__.

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3.5 Evil Minds Think Alike

Last time: Alathea was a total douche and broke up with her lovely wife. Also a baby boy was born, his name was Brennan and someone said I should do double heirs and now I’m totally tempted. Frammit!

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3.4 Walking Away

Hey there! New chapter time!

Last time: Teia grew up pretty; Thea gave birth to yet another girl despite eating apples. The girl was named Queenie and everyone loved her.

Other things also happened and then BAM, Thea is pregnant again. Read the rest of this entry »