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4.4 Now panic and freak out

You’ve encountered a wild ISBI chapter. It wets itself and passes out.
It’s super effective.

Last time: I decided to make Brennan a second heir next to Glyn, while only controlling him when he wants to interact with his girl Cait. Alison died. Glyn reached level 5 of her 3rd career. One more to go! Also Cait and her son Bart moved in.

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4.3 I’m so excited!

Last time: everyone failed, as usual. Andrew and Bennett grew up and Frankie was born and all the kids were nearly taken away by the SoWo.

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Generations is on it’s waaaay.. slowly but surely.

I am super excited about… Generations! And I just found this information!

Bouncing into the game settings, the first thing I noticed was that you now have more control over the Lifespan of your Sims. Rather than a generic 3 settings, you can now choose length in days for each of the life stages, so if a long retirement is more your thing, max out the oldies to 365 days. If you don’t like baby or toddler chores, drop them down to 1 day so they grow up super speed or if you’re a glutton for punishment, raise them up for maximum cuteness time. Effectively you now have a choice of lifespan for your Sims from between 7 and 1930 days!

From this TSR article.

Right now, I have a MOD for that! It’d be FANTASTIC if this was in the final version! I’m so excited for that!

4.2 The Cute Factor (again)

Hmm.. I wonder why this chapter title seems so familiar.. OH WAIT, I already have a chapter named that; you know why? Because all the toddlers in my game are freaking adorable. They can’t help it!

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4.1 Tell Alli I love her

Hey I’m back. Also, if I don’t update for a while(not just now, just generally) I’m probably not dead; I’m just seriously busy with work. It’s nearly Easter and every holiday brings a ton of tourists to the bungalow park that I work in, so I’ll be working extra hard and won’t feel like playing sims when I get home or at least not writing a chapter. I have enough pictures for another update after this.. even though I said I’d try and play the Shepherds.. yeah.. that’s not going so well xD I love my Skiptons so much. I hope you can forgive me. Anyway.. last time.. Alathea and Alison started flirting autonomously after I used Alli’s elder move to woo Thea. Also our latest torch-holder found a man and they had a baby boy named Andrew. Read the rest of this entry »