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5.1 Forever Young

Hey welcome to a Skipton ISBI chapter!

Last time Andrew got married to Polona and they had a baby girl named Tosca. Also: nobody passed out! Can we keep it up? I don’t think so.

This chapter is brought to you by salty sticks and Breaking Benjamin. Help me sims, I can not stop listening to them.

Let’s go on!

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New chapter + new sims!

Not only did I upload a new chapter today, I also posted some new sims.

Of course Frankie as a YA is uploaded, but also as a bonus:

  • My simself!
  • As requested: my simself’s daughter Vanamo, who I hope will marry Frankie.. at least in my game, you can do whatever you want with them.
  • As requested: Hannah Shepherd!
  • Cecily Grey.

You might ask who Cecily Grey is :) She is one of the descendants of the first two sims I ever created in The Sims 3. I thought she was pretty and it would be cool to upload her :)

Have fun!

5.0 Androna

Welcome! The title to this chapter comes from merging Andrew and Polona’s names. That’s because spoiler alert: most of this chapter has to do with trying to get Polona to join our family. Obviously something went right seeing as this is 5.0

I should give a warning that this chapter has over 160 pictures. This is what happens when I play all day and don’t want to leave any pictures behind for the next chapter.
Okay… *deep breath* let’s do this.

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How long till Generations?

For me the answer is.. however many days there are till the 2nd of June(not the 6th as I originally said). I pre-ordered the game today and they’re delivering it to me then. I’m guessing that is the release date for the Netherlands.

Also, I’m giving you a fair warning that I’ll be gone from the internet land from 16th July till 30th of July due to a long due visit to my motherland.

Anyway, I’m excited for Generations!

Shepherd Legacy ~ 2.0

Hey! I wonder if you even remember this legacy. I haven’t updated since… February?

I’ve been lazy but also this family started glitching up like mad which really didn’t help with not wanting to play them. You’ll see how I ended up fixing it in this update. I had to go back to the last chapter to remember what the hell was going on so you might want to do that too but here it is in short: Brook grew up and was never seen again. Clarice, our heiress convinced Brian Lehman to date her instead of his girlfriend. Susannah became a teen. Lima had a baby girl named Hannah, by her wife Midge. Clarice became a young adult.

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4.5 My idol

I am back! And that’s a sneak peak of Andrew as a YA. I totally forgot he was still a teen at the beginning of this chapter. Oh well, he looks exactly the same.. which is cute.

Things happened last time.. I’m sure it was fabulous! Oh.. Ally died, but not before Adam/Grim Reaper gave her Alathea’s message. Brennan married sim!Cait and they had a baby boy named Blake and then they got pregnant again.

This is a rather long chapter so beware.

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