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5.4 Take Two

Last time Blake got married to Beverly and they had a baby boy named Clyde immediately afterwards, although Bev doesn’t seem to remember giving birth. Jensen had horrible grades and got scolded a lot. And then Blake divorced Beverly.

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5.3 Easy come, easy go

Last time Jensen was adorable, the family moved a couple of times and Blake finally found a girl! And then the game crashed.

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Teeny-Tiny Family Home (Download)

I’ve been working on a custom world for my own personal use and it’s pretty empty right now so I decided to build some houses. The following is a creation I’m particularly proud of so I decided to upload it for all of you to enjoy!

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5.2 Moving Day

This chapter takes place BEFORE I got Generations, FYI. I haven’t been able to play my legacies with Generations yet because I want to wait till at least most of my mods are updated :) I hope you enjoy the update anyway.

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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 2.1

Whoo Shepherd time! And you didn’t have to wait many months!
Btw, I wrote this a week ago and it’s been sitting in Drafts till now and I just remembered.. so yeah..

Last time: I moved Clarice, Brian and their son Chandler into a new town on their own. There the couple had another baby boy named Archie and struggled with money. Oh and Clarice is pregnant a third time!

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