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EZPaster Update

During the move the EZPaster was lost, so i decided to make a new one.

This one is actually integrated into the website so it doesn’t look so shady anymore either.
It still does the same thing. It takes the source link and folder, puts the screenshot number behind em and then loops the whole code X times and displays your code.

I removed the HTML function, since basically the code printed out for WordPress -is- HTML.

Furthermore i added the ability to change the image sizes. I don’t know if the ones provided were picked by Mariah or are a WordPress standard to this theme, but it cant hurt to play around with i think.

If there’s any other problems, or even idea’s on how to make it better feel free to reply.
If my nerdism can help people, i will gladly do so.

Website Update Complete!

Everything went well, it should be done now. If you experience a problem please leave a message.

Edit: Some links might be dead because the permalinks no longer work, we are working on those.

Website update

We’re going through some much needed updates on the website and as a result some minor changes might take place, but most importantly, our host is upgrading us from PHP4 to PHP5 and from MySQL4 to MySQL5. I have no idea how fast this process will be or if the old versions will continue to run the website while it is updating.

So there might possibly be some downtime sometime this week due to the website being upgraded.
We apologize for the inconvenience, right? I think we should…


Jensen Skipton is now in the Sims downloads page! :D

I’m back!

I’ve returned from my vacation, but I have some intense stuff going on in my personal life so it will slow down the updates a bit. Hope you understand!