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6.0 Lost Princess

I just watched Tangled again (it was just as good the second time!) and the title fits this chapter also because I’ve decided to have an heiress because we’re had an heir 2 generations in a row now. Will we find our heiress? Read on and you MAY find out!

BTW, there is a little me playing pets entry on the front page, go check it out if you don’t follow this website x3

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Mariah plays Pets!

Hey there!

This isn’t a legacy post but it is a post none the less and it has pictures! Yeah!
It’s not a walkthrough or anything, I just realized I had some pictures so why not share them with the world!

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5.8 Chop-chop!

I make another return!

Last time I moved the family without their family tree or graves or house to Sunset Valley and the heir still didn’t produce a next generation.

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