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7.1 Basket Case

How do you like the fancy lens flare?

Last time Sinclair and Santana put their past behind them and got hitched in a failtastic wedding. Jack, Santana’s daughter with Oriole grew into a cute-as-a-button toddler and Santana was pregnant with her first child from her marriage!

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7.0 I See the Light

I’ve just realized that it’s generation seven. Holy crap. I can’t possibly be this close to the end! Only 3 more generations? Wow.

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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 2.2

Omg. An update on the Shepherds. Even future-Chandler is surprised.

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Explain yourself, woman!

So, haven’t seen any Shepherd updates around lately… since June actually. What happened was.. I deleted the neighbourhood they lived in and couldn’t load their save any more. I haven’t felt like going out to look for it again so I can re-download it and play the family again. However I did so last week and I’m going to play them again today. I will not let them be the first legacy I ever failed!

Anyway, you can expect and update. But I’ll still always prefer my Skiptons.

6.5 Plot Thickens

I am on a roll ladies, gentlemen and other kind people who “read” my legacy.

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6.4 Call me

Welcome back! It’s time for a chapter, I think.

Last time it was revealed that neither Jasper nor Sherlock are the heir. Cinnamon gave birth to a litter of three puppies and we missed Sherlocks’ graduation.. because I was a n00b.

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