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8.4 The Torch

Hello, this is the story of Isobel Skipton and how I forgot that when she becomes a YA I have to stop controlling her father.

I was originally going to not use this picture of Katherine as a cover but she grows up within the first 10 pictures so it’s not that big of a spoiler.

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8.3 Of Dogs and Death

First of all I’d like to thank everybody for their lovely comments last time! Instead of saying thank you to each one I’m posting a new update already. Because I can.

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8.2 Back in Town


So, look, I wasn’t expecting to go on a hiatus, it just sort of happened. At first I wanted to wait till I got Showtime(which I still don’t have, but oh well) and then I just didn’t feel like playing and every time I tried the game felt more and more sluggish. In the end(about a quarter into this update) I decided to uninstall some stuff.. so I’m only playing on Base Game, Late Night, Generations and Pets now; no Ambitions, no World Adventures and no High-End Loft Stuff. Perhaps I will reinstall them but for now I feel fine without them. My computer is STILL waiting for that upgrade I promised her many months ago.

Anyway back to business!

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