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8.5 Dat Goatee

Yay, we’re back with the Skiptons! And this is picture heavy. Like 140 pictures.


Let’s do this.

Also: there’s a family tree on the front page if you haven’t seen it yet :)

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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 3.1


Okay so it’s been half a year since we’ve had a Shepherd update and I’ve been playing them on and off. I’ve thought of quitting on them, but I want to have a clean record when it comes to legacy playing, so I can’t let myself down.

So anyhow, since I’ve played them on and off during the past 6 months this will be extremely patchy and I will have forgotten the names of many . I apologize in advance.

Oh and apparently I didn’t even write on the opening photo. Wow, memory.. wow. Really outdid yourself there in forgetfulness.

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!Skipton Family Tree!

I’ve done it. I created a family tree for the Skiptons!

  • The image under the read more is a thumbnail, so although it’s still readable it is a smaller version of the actual tree, which I created as a 1400×1760 image. CLICK the image to see the bigger one.
  • Spares partners and/or children aren’t on it because that would be a nightmare for me to make.
  • Every family member’s nameplate is in their favourite colour and twins/triplets have special markers on them.
  • Siblings are placed in order of oldest to youngest.
  • I tried to place the Torch-Holder directly under their parents, but it became difficult in some generations.
  • I haven’t written numbers on the heirs, which I realize now that I could have done oops. Instead the main bloodline is a bolder line than the lines to spares. Also the border around the THs are bolder.
  • I might change the main line into a different colour if you find it confusing, although if you know who the heirs are then it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • If you’re all up to date on the legacy then this doesn’t have any spoilers on it at all, but if you haven’t caught up then beware.
  • My resolution is 1440×900 so naturally I state that it is the best resolution to view this monster at. If your resolution is very low you may need to scroll to oblivion.
  • Ok, go!

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Family Tree is in the facory.

I’m currently working on making a family tree for the Skiptons. Unfortunately I’ve lost the pictures I’ve taken between the very beginning and Andrew’s birth. I thought I had made a backup somewhere but I can’t find it anywhere on my pc or on my external so I have to go back to old chapters to get the pictures for the family members that I need, which is unfortunate but doable. I’m making it as one big image file as opposed to what I did with the Chimerees where every generation was it’s own image and I’d add a new line as generations were added. Mostly because I only have two generations to go.

This might take me a couple of days for reasons you will understand if you’ve ever tried to make a legacy family tree before. It’s complicated and frustrating.. but it’s worth it, right? I’ll let you all know when it’s done.