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10.2 Beautiful

Welcome to a new day in the ISBI neighbourhood!

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I updated the family tree to show generation 9 yay! I only have to wait till the new babies grow up to YA and I’ll be able to finish the family tree.. and also the legacy itself, which is scary.

Link to the tree post.

Link to the tree itself.

The Shepherd Legacy ~ 4.2

Look it’s the Shepherds here again after a hiatus. Yay! I swear I’ll do more of these when the Skiptons are over.

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House Uploaded!

I uploaded the latest Skipton house! It was requested and I’m sorry it took so long!
It is in the Houses thread(to the right) if you need pictures to remind you what it looks like. I replaced some of the items that were custom. I may have missed some CC patters, sorry, but let’s be real you were going to remodel anyway :)


I haven’t played the Skiptons with Seasons yet, because some of my mods aren’t updated and I am super SUPER lazy D:
I have enough pictures for a Shepherd update though, who wants one? I might work on that and get it up by Sunday Tuesday Wednesday. Wow.. I thought it was Friday.. has anyone seen my brain?

10.1 Ezra, You’re a star

Greetings! Sorry it’s taken so long!

Last time poor Darren died right before baby Mason was born and got glitched. Cassie became pregnant again. Ezra progressed slowly but surely in his career. Read the rest of this entry »