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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 5.2 About time!

First off let me apologize for being gone for so long. As you can soon see from pictures I did play quite a bit, but after a fashion I got a second job which took up so much of my energy I just didn’t feel like playing and definitely not writing up a chapter. But here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Any and all utterances of “Umm I don’t remember why I took this picture” are entirely my own fault because I played most of this chapter like a week or so after the release of UniLife which was way long ago.

Warning: This is a very long chapter.

RECAP TIME: After the birth of their first son(Garen) Taylor and Ernest got jiggy with it and soon were expecting another. Garen grew into a cute-ass toddler with brown hair and eyes and it was glorious! The family enjoyed some spicy food. Garen learned to walk and talk and all the other things. He even dabbled in off-screen reading I believe. Sylvia(sister to Ernest) and her girlfriend Finnigan broke up :( Agda lost weight and I didn’t recognize her. Taylor gave birth to her second son (Donovan). Sylvia made a bunch of potions. Taylor and Neste talked about having more children and Taylor revealed she wanted at least five, maybe even six.. and then they started on the third immediately. Ernest’s grandfather burned down the leafpile they woohooed in. One of the family cats(Evita) died of old age and it saddened me but also gave the family more growing room. Growing room that we sorely need seeing as Taylor was revealed to be pregnant again. And then the baby Donny became a green-eyed toddler.

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