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The Shepherd Legacy ~ 5.8

Author’s note: ARRRGGH.

I already wrote this update once and then I lost all of what I wrote because I am dumb.
Basically if you have a draft open in a browser and then close the browser and reopen and the draft is still there(aka, you have your browser set to keep your tabs when you close it) DO NOT write in the draft for it will FAIL TO SAVE. Open it in a  new tab!
Anyway this has happened to me before and I failed to learn from my experience. Learn from mine!

So I was angry, because I was going to write this up before I went to work and it was gonna be great, but since it didn’t save I have to do it again.

I went to work. Now I’m back. Let’s try again! But this time.. WITH FEELINGS OF WRATH. Ahem.

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