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Huge fiery ball visible from space!

So go back to like a month ago: I’m getting into a simming mood, downloading new stuff, getting rid of old CC and the like. Good times, right? Then one day I turn on my pc and it gives me a strange warning startup page I’ve never seen.
Basically my hard drive is DYING and I’ve never experienced this before so I got very scared and made backups of everything and then proceeded to not turn on my pc again cause I’m a huge scaredy pants. Good news is while I was sitting here wondering how I’d be able to muster up enough money to buy a new HD my supervisor from my old job called and asked if I’d like my job back. So with that new money starting to come in next month hopefully I can buy a solid-state drive and be done with it.

In the meantime I have a total of ONE update in the drafts from before the whole computer crash thing so I’ll probably post that some time next week after I’ve completed it, so look forward to that!

Cheers, Mariah