Mariah plays University Life!

Say hello to Toni Mason.

She is the female version of Mason Skipton because I was too lazy to make a sim from scratch. I decided to try out University Life with her. Most of you have probably seen enough pictures of this expansion to decide whether or not to get it, but here are mine to the mix as well.

Toni: I can show you the wooooorld.. burning to the ground!

I actually did make her a roommate from scratch.. and I don’t remember his name.. Royce.. something.. Foster!

Royce Foster.

I played the two a little bit before I had Uni so they could establish some skills.

And then the llama mascot showed up.

I took this opportunity to start Toni off in the jock social group.

Here she is showing a funny video to the llama.

Royce took the aptitude test first.

He got +6 credits in science and medicine and +18 in Fine Arts, which is good because Royce wants to be a descendant of da Vinci which has to do with arts anyhow.

Toni’s a firefighter, so I was hoping that would help her get a scholarship. Her LTW is to be an acrobat.

Toni: Yes I will get ALL the scholarships!

Toni: My career history? Level 4 Firefighter!

Toni: It’s not asking me how well I did in high school! What is the meaning of this!

Royce shows Toni his aptitude test results.

Toni: NO WAY!

Toni: Congrats!

As a person who thoroughly enjoyed the sims 2, I’m glad to see the uni cheer is back in all it’s glory!

Go llamas!

You can text any of your friends now. Awesome.

I had the two sharpen their skills a little bit. Their tests didn’t get THAT much better. Both got a partial scholarship.

And off they went.

I decided to go for a dorm. More possibilities to make friends.. also the dorms are closer to the buildings their classes will take place at.

Toni immediately finds a jock friend in Ash.

Meanwhile Royce tries to befriend a girl who sat herself down in front of the tv.

I decided he should just go for it and try to put the moves on her.

Her: HUH?


Royce: oh my god, I am so sorry!

Her: Don’t fucking touch me again.

Royce: Well that went well.

Then the two were ushered to the welcome party. Toni made more friends.

Toni: I rule!

I think I like her better than Mason xD girl power!~

She had some tea which was no doubt delicious!

And then this guy was trying to talk to her.

They played some juice pong.

She did a little dance when she won. It was awesome.

So anyhow I changed her hair and gave her some attire from the new expansion and she started working on her studying.

Physical Education like science and Medicine gets the skeleton to work with.

She also did some jogging around campus cause I think skills also make your progress bar go up.

And then I saw some guys kick a football around and I fangirled because I didn’t know there was a football added to the game.

I watched them while Toni was in class.

And then I found that her jock influence gave her the bility to take selfies. Nuts I say! Why do you need to be a jock to take selfies?

And why do they make that stupid duck face? Not impressed.

Hahaha. Well okay I guess they’re kind of funny.

Toni is not a fan of sweets.

Toni: APPLE!

Meanwhile Royce has been sketching.


Royce: Ashley.. you’re hot.

Redhead: Um.. not cool.

Ash: Stay the hell away from me. What is wrong with you.

Toni: That’s not how you jog!

There’s also kicky bags or hat are they called.

You can take friendly photos with your friends too, they can go right or wrong. If it goes wrong the two get blinded by the flash.

And here’s an example of what happens when the heat of the moment kiss is successful.

Aaand here’s a romantic photo with your crush.

Toni: Aww we’re cute!

Royce is slowly improving. Keep working at it and you will too friends!


The campus is really beautiful.

I had Toni donate saliva and it gave her cotton mouth. Hilarious facial expressions.

Bliiiinded by the liiight.

Royce: Stay still ladies..

Toni got knocked on her face a couple times failing doing keg stands.

Toni: What? I’m totally studying!

Looks like the girl Royce hit with his elbow by accident has.. warmed up to him.

They were actually fast friends and this kiss was successful.

Aww they’re adorable!

This is the last picture I have of Toni and Royce’s game. The rest are of a family I’ve been playing for fun whenever I’m not playing my legacy.

Not UL related, but it’s pretty anyway.

So here’s Sarah Plummer and her crush(and later husband) Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.

Here’s the romantic photo failing.

Cycl0n3: I thought we were doing a fun one?
Sarah: Uh.. sure.

These are Rhys Francisco and Sandi French, Molly French’s daughter.

Rhys is the son of Sam Sekemoto and something Francisco the mail delivery girl I think?

You know what that made Sam’s name when then married? Sam Francisco. I regret nothing.

Sam has the Irresistible trait. Here she is after winking at Rhys. He’s smitten.

I did this a lot because it was so fun to watch!

Some old guy was very upset about the state of desks in Sunset Valley. Very upset indeed.


I haven’t stopped having fun with Seasons yet either.

Sarah is a huge jock also.

So Sandi and Rhys grew up.

They’re totally in love <3

Here’s Sarah’s sister Cersei. They had another sister and a brother plus Sam. It was a big-ass family I’ll tell you. Sam Sekemoto was their half-brother I’m fairly certain. Their mother Deena married Leighton, Sam’s single father.

Cersei married Molly French and adopted her daughter Sandi obviously(I didn’t realize my goal was to marry ALL the single parents of Sunset Valley!), however Molly died of old age and now Sandi shows no family ties to Cersei, which is sad. I didn’t have any mods in this game at the time so Molly and Cersei didn’t have any children together.

Anyhow Sandi and Rhys are going to University!

Sandi is very excited about it.

I actually got her to be a level 10 nerd before she even made it to university.

Her LTW is Major Master, meaning she wants 3 degrees. She’s going to get Business first, I decided.

Here’s Sandi blowing a kiss at Rhys with her irresistible trait.

I like the new clothes that came with UL but it’s unfortunate that most if not all of them don’t have a stencil-less version. They all have those university sigils and junk on them. I’d love to use some of them but without the emblems :|

And another wink. Hehe.

I didn’t get ANY pictures of their actual stay at uni that semester apparently because this picture was taken the night after their final exams.

They mostly go to class and the rest of the time is spent studying and trying to keep their mood up. Although to be honest I was trying really hard for some reason, but you can get high grades pretty easily as long as you don’t skip classes.

This is them receiving their report cards.

Both got As, but they’re not done yet. They didn’t get all the credits needed to graduate so they have to go home take a break and apply again for another semester or two in order to be able to get their degrees.

Presenting a business plan with a business planner! It lights up, I her do it on the porch in the dark and you could see the board shine.

One of her new friends was graduating, unlike her, so she got to congratulate him. I’m jealous.

Back home Rhys proposed, cause the option was not there on campus no matter how hard I tried.

That night Deena, the grandmother almost died, but she’s my main gardener for the family so I made sure she had a death flower in her inventory at all times just in case this happened. She lives on!

The next day the couple got married and it was beautiful!

After that I sent them back to Uni..

Sandi tried opening a murphy bet at the dorm where they were staying. I just wanted them to get some sleep but nope, she got crushed! Accidental deaths never happen in my legacy games!!! With the distinct exception of Kevin Shepherd and Isobel Skipton of course. And of course in my just-for-fun game sims keep dropping like flies.

Anyway, this was the first time I’ve had an Unlucky sim die and the grim reaper said he couldn’t take something as hilariously tragic as Sandi from the world and then he resurrected her!

Beautiful ghost though, I’m sure I’m gonna try that death again some time and see if I’ll finally have a playable ghost in my game.

Rhys sketched Sandi. It’s… very special.


I love them so much

Pretty world.

And now for a couple of pictures that I don’t know what to add to.

Bonfires are pretty.

Wow way to rub your straight As in the girl’s face.

Sandi: No I won’t come to your party, stop inviting me!

This is one of my favourite pictures for some reason. I enjoy her profile. Her hair looks so awesome from this angle and the robe and everything, I just really like it.

Ah, graduates!

Too bad winter only just started and we didn’t see it completely covered in snow for longer than this.

That’s all the pictures I have. It’s not the legacy but I thought I;d share them anyway.

7 Responses to “Mariah plays University Life!”

  1. Puck Says:

    University life is awesome!
    I can’t wait to see one of the shepherds go to university!
    And it’s so beautiful when it’s winter! Just… amazing.

  2. ChazyBazzy Says:

    There is a a override that removes all or most of the stencils from the uni clothing.

    • Mariah Says:

      Thank you so much *_*

  3. Life Says:

    I really, really, really love Toni’s and Sandi’s hair. I want it in my game *-*!!

    Can i have a link? ^.^

    • Mariah Says:

      They’re both Store hairs, go to

  4. Jenna Says:

    Aghhhh Ms. Mariah! I love, love love your writing~! Cannot wait for more.
    I’m super bad at writing things so hopefully this isn’t a really weird comment haha.

  5. Madcapp Says:

    Sam Francisco. Lmfao. Awesome

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