Update!: I’m still alive.

 Hey dudes! Yes I’m still here. Sort of. Here’s ask I received on Tumblr on the subject.

 So in short: I’m a piece of crap for not letting you guys know whether or not I’ll be updating again, which I will! Hopefully some time before the month is through(March 2014) I’ll have two updates for you, since I actually have had one in the drafts for a while that I haven’t finished because it’s tough to find the words when you’re just not feeling it. I’ll try to keep you all in the loop next time I go on a hiatus. Sorry!

PS: I’ll also see to replying to the comments that I’ve received while I was absent!



13 Responses to “Update!: I’m still alive.”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hi! I’m so happy to hear from you! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling your Shepherds! I know that I personally have missed them! I hope your creative juices get flowing and you fall in love with them all over again. Looking forward to see what’s next for you, and glad to know you’re doing okay!

  2. Tamara Says:

    Glad to hear that you’re. I’ve read every legacy except the Apple one :(. I find when I’m feeling writers block it always gets me back in the mood when I read other people’s legacies. Not sure why, but it just always makes me crave the Sims. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  3. Linda Says:

    Still love you! You just do what you do and write when you feel like it :)

  4. Lu Says:

    Hey Mariah!
    Great to see you are still going to post! I <3 your legacies!!!
    This question might be dumb, I don't know.
    So, I was just wondering what Seona's and Clarice's everyday wear was.
    You mentioned at Seona's download page that it was from WA, but I can't find it.
    Thanks for you time!
    Please Reply.

    • Mariah Says:

      It IS from WA, but I’ve also had some trouble with it. Sometimes it doesn’t show up. I just know it’s from WA.. Try scrolling to the very bottom of the outfits tab or filter to only show items from WA, maybe it’s there? Let me know how it goes!

      • Lu Says:

        Thanks for your ideas, Mariah!
        Unfortunately, no, I couldn’t find it. Bummer! I am in love with that dress! Okay, these things are really weird. I searched the web for ‘sims 3 world adventures content’ and located a video with all the clothes, hair, etc. But it wasn’t in that video! Also, when I downloaded Seona, the dress came up as your typical pregnant dress, so that meant is not downloaded in my game! Maybe I have an old/new version of WA, that doesn’t contain that dress. Shame! I’ll keep searching the exchange for that dress, so it can be downloaded as CC. (Shh, I don’t ever use CC, don’t tell!)
        Thanks for your time, Mariah!

        • Mariah Says:

          !!! It’s from High-End Loft stuff! The icons are so similar! I’m so glad I figured it out though! I hope you see this!

          • Lu Says:

            Oh. My. God. Thank you Mariah! Yay! I have found the mystery dress! I think all my townies will be wearing this now…
            Thanks so much! <3

  5. Pearlin Says:

    omg. Your still alive and ur still making legacies. This has made my day so much. I love reading ur Chimeree’s Legacy. I read it like 3 times, before bed and its like 12 am and i have to wake up at 6.. for sch.. whoops. but thats not the point. Could u do another rainbowacy legacy or something similar to that, cuz i just love how your game flows and seeing sims like Cocaine even if all he does is write. Pls dont ever stop making legacies. their beautiful.

    • Mariah Says:

      I was actually thinking about a rainbowcy a few days ago, but I’m first going to finish the Shepherds before I decide if I wanna do anything else. Maybe a short 5-gen one and go on from there if I really like it :) I’m so glad people are still into my legacies! Words like yours are what really encourage me to keep going!

  6. Ann Says:

    Really enjoyed the Chimeree Legacy. If you are bored with the current legacy, how about trying another rainbow legacy with a new twist to it, say possibly pastel colors for example.

    • Mariah Says:

      It’s not the legacy bit that’s boring me. It’s the updating bit and the dealing with updating CC and the likes that’s dragging me down. I really enjoyed the Chimerees too, they were fun to play most of the time and I was very into the sims at that point in time.

  7. Ann Says:

    I have another idea, how about using the Shepherds for another rainbow legacy.

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