The Shepherd Legacy ~ 6.3

I AM BACK. I promised a new chapter before the end of March and it’s.. the 29th of March!

Not sure if the Aura of Body and Mind does anything to help you learn Cooking faster but whatever.

Sam: We’re actually both working out hard core in our minds.
Taylor: Ew, AS IF! *couch-potato trait*

Never stop being this awesome Ann.

Painting: I want to take the ears off but I can’t! It’s my curse! It’s my fucking curse! I want to take the ears off! Please! Take them off! Please!

That’s my Bioshock reference of the day.

Paris getting a DNA sample from her husband. Uh… uhmm.

Jason: That.. was really the best place to get it.
Paris: It’s PERFECT.

Jason: So are you, dear!

Jason: And before you say it, no I haven’t forgotten OUR FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Happy anniversary dear!

Yes. It’s Paris and Jason’s first. Even though their kids are all teenagers already. This game amuses me so much!

Ann. ANN.

Ugh I love this painting mod so much!

Jason: What a great day to exercise outside!
Taylor: Exercise!? What are you, a jock?
Jason: As it happens, I am.. MOTHER. Are you a couch-potato?
Taylor: You didn’t guess that from my constant tv-watching when you were a kid?!
Jason: I ALMOST have a DEGREE in physical education!

Oh right I never sent him back to finish his degree. Whoopsie.

Jason also loves the outdoors which enables him to play in the sandbox. How adorable.

Paris: Yup, that’s my husband. He’s also the one in the picture over there.

I changed Taylor’s hair.

We established that Max is a PC gamer. She actually does play on the computer a lot. It wasn’t just for show.

Oh my god, I am enjoying island paradise a lot more than I thought I would.

Sam: Shh! I’m reading!

Omg you can click on the blanket and out a little umbrella up! So cute!

Jason: My daughter is paying attention to me!!

Everyone’s interacting with the parental figures today.

This Island Paradise hair looks so good from behind.

Jason got a new job at a diner. Taylor works at the restaurant, so they’re both in culinary arts, which is cute.

I got Sam and Max a desk too! So they don’t have to use Ann’s all the time.

And I removed the bed I had in Sam’s corner.. cause she doesn’t sleep in a bed anyway, she has her own little castle.

Here they are actually. Sam’s granting Max some of her fairy flying power, cause they’re best friends.

Sam: Best friends FOREVER?!
Max: Hell to the yeah!

Max uses her new desk immediately, while Sam is at her part-time job.

A bottle of super spice! Sweet. Or well.. spicy.

This may be a good time to update you on some of the siblings of Jason.

Lenora is expecting a baby by Lucian Goth. They’re not married.
Nyah and her husband Darrin had a baby girl named Aimee to go with their other kid.. name forgotten.
Lora Schafer and Garen’s son Mikel Tarry had a girl named Kylie.

YEAH taylor mastered Cooking, which if you include witchcraft is her second skill to master.

She’s still only a level 2 in her career which is funny. In the sims 2 the career would see that you had high skill and give you a higher level.. doesn’t sims 3 do that? Cause she was a pretty high skill level when she started.

Max on the computer again. She never leaves! Is she actually me?

Paris: I’d like to sleep, but this house is always haunted during full moon!
Jo: That’s a load of bull. I come out EVERY night and a have a snack.

Looks like someone is getting all excited on full moon.

Oh myyyy..

Brian what the fuck!? What a creep!

Brian: Aw yiss, mothafuckin descendants getting it on!


So I put some old sculptures from the family down. I can’t remember who used to sculpt.. but regardless Ann immediately rolled a wish for more sculptures and since I didn’t have any and I wanted them to be special and home-made I had Ann make one. She’s very artistic already I figured why not.

She could have used a smaller thing of clay for this tiny garbage bin though. Seems like a waste of clay.

Ann: Whatever it’s dirt-cheap anyway!

But much too soon it’s Ann’s birthday.. and Paris and Jason’s also!

Ann: How exciting!


This reminds me I need to find links to the CC on her so I can upload her. Ugghh. Least favourite part of uploading a sim.


Ann: Dad’s turn!

Ann’s new trait is Savvy Sculptor and she had a LTW locked in a long time ago so I couldn’t change it any more, but it’s CEO of Mega-Corporation, so do with that what you will.

Thankfully I only had 3 CC on her and 2 of them were Store things so easy to find and the one other was the beanie hair. So she’s in the Sims uploads thread right now.


Paris: He’s a masterpiece.

Time to move out!

HAHA tricked you! You thought Ann was moving out alone.

Look at these posh fuckers.

Sam: Ah wonderful sea air!

I couldn’t decide how to add a diving lot to an existing world like Sunset Valley, so I just moved the whole family to Isla Paradiso.

I built them a new house too. Looks pretty much a normal house from the front, right?


I wish the pillars weren’t so close together it looks kind of silly. I don’t think you can CAST them either.

Here’s the floorplan!

 photo Screenshot-2033p.png

A quick cheat sheet.

Mmmmm future babies. Mm.. it’s always exciting anticipating babies.

Kitchen! Why are the futuristic items always white and blue. Screw that, here’s black and red! Although it looks orange, which is fine cause I’m a little Dutch.. and with the world cup coming up soon!

My homeland never qualifies for these football things so I always cheered for other countries in the past.
But since I live in the Netherlands now and have been for a while I get really excited cause I can cheer for them :)

Ann: Okay can I move out NOW?

Yup. I just wanted to make sure our relationships stayed intact with you, baby doll. Be amazing!

Here’s the dining area up close.

Max: A candle on a seashell, how quaint.

A chess table also for our science queen Paris.

Bye Ann! I love you so much!

The lower deck with a table tennis set, cause it’s fun.

Jason: I love you!


Even cloudy this neighbourhood is beautiful.

I also got this magic thing in a deal a while back and I figured our witch could use it.

Omg there a baby ghosts coming off of it! Aww!

Mmm.. do I have a lighting mod installed? Cause it’s so pretty.


I could have put this outside.. and maybe I will later, this is our little fairy’s spacial fun time castle.

Sam: Sleepy time!

By the way: the florida windows I’m using for this house are here or here. They’re the same just different blog of the same person.

The next morning I sent Sam to register at her new school.

What even is your face. She’s so special to me.


She’s an angler after all I figured it fit just fine.

Also an angler in a world with water everywhere!

Ghost party!

Paris: I just need more logic skill to get promoted again.

How much do you love these treestump chairs?

Whoops forgot to brighten these pictures. But if you look closely you see Sam breaking curfew by fishing in the graveyard.

Rosemarie and her daughter Tamika(great name!) are her only witnesses.

Peanut Bahl: Taylor I want to be alive again!

Taylor: Who told you I mastered witchcraft god damn nobody can keep a secret!

Taylor: Okay hold your urn still, Peanut.

Taylor: What he doesn’t know is I made him into..

Taylor: A ZOMBIE. Wait.. I’m the only one in the room.. he’ll surely kill me if I don’t cast a counter spell!

Taylor: Okay FINE.

Peanut: You’re the absolute BEST, Taylor! I’ll name my firstborn after you!

Taylor: I accept these terms.

Well.. I’ll be honest I was hoping to get a ghost sim. I’ve never used that spell before so I wasn’t sure what would happen exactly.
But he’s blue… so that’s interesting enough that I won’t cheat him back into a ghost sim.

The outfit has to go though, it’s atrocious.. and I LIKE blue.

One.. two…


Featured is a painting by Ann.

I gave him two everyday outfits, one of them is the outfit he wore when he was still alive the first time.

Peanut: I’m from many moons ago.


Peanut: My family was poor but we were still accomplished in our own right.

Peanut: I guess this family is pretty accomplished too.

The teens are to be sure. Those are all the school extra curriculum trophies.

Peanut for some reason only had 4 traits.. so I took the liberty of adding Loves to Swim.

Loves to Swim also fits so well, cause he’s an Aquarius.

His other traits are Good sense of Humour, Great Kisser, Mooch, Over-Emotional. He’s an Aquarius as said, he likes Indie music and the colour grey.

Peanut: I’ve been a colourful ghost for so long I want rest for my eyes.

He wants to be Swimming in Cash. HAH. Swimming! It really is a perfect trait for him.

I really REALLY like the swimming in ocean thing.

SO close to mastering science which is one part of her LTW. The other is reaching the top of a science-related career.

Paris: I mastered Science while you were talking.

Good good.

Jason hasn’t much to do so mostly I he just walks around doing fuck all and flirts with his wife.

Peanut’s first action after coming home from a dip in the ocean is to make friends online. Twallan’s dresser gave Harley Greenwood a hilariously huge beard.
On that note Twallan retired and it’s very sad but I totally get it and respect his decision. I’m so glad his mods were still updated for the patches though.

Sam: I spy with my little fairy eyes.. a new sim!

Peanut: A fairy friend!

Heh. Do you think Ann planned this when she painted that painting.

But YESS it’s time for Sam’s birthday. They grow up so fast!! ..I say as I’ve been waiting for this moment eagerly for so long it hurts.

And so have you.

He’s kinda cute.. I really hate his name though.. Peanut? Really? every time I write it out I groan.

Anyway.. Sam!

Oh.. god.
I almost feel bad. She’s really pretty.

Where are her eyes from..

Jason’s eyes are bigger than hers.

Paris has smaller round eyes.

Taylor’s eyes are way bigger.

She has a tan that’s why she’s so orange.

So Sam’s eyes must be a mashup of her parents.. or maybe a throwback from Ernest or someone?

Sam: Well hello there bare-chested man! Wanna RP?
Peanut: RP? Uh..
Sam: Race you to the deck!

Peanut: O fairy princess!

Peanut: I request some fairy dust for my travels!

Sam: Travels you say? It is certainly safer to fly than to go horseback.

Sam: I grant you my finest fairy dust.

Sam: But be careful ser, the stars say there be trouble on these here roads. Lions and wolves both are tearing country folk apart when they stray from the road even a step!

Peanut: Trouble? Lions and wolves? Are you certain lady Shepherd? No.. it may be best to stay on these lands a while longer then. May I have a bed for the night or two?

Sam: But the beds in my castle are only for my fairy sisters and I. We take no guests in.

Peanut: Maybe I can persuade milady into letting this traveller dwell here nonetheless?

Sam: What do I have to gain from a lowly traveller?

Peanut: Only my love milady. And these flowers from my land far away!

Sam: Roses? They don’t have roses here! You’d have to travel for many moons to see any roses at all! We could make the best fairy dust from these flowers.

Sam: Oh sweet ser, will you stay with me in my castle for a fortnight or two?
peanut: Oh but are you certain my sweet lady? A castle for only yourself and your fairy sisters?

Sam: I’m sure we can find a bed for this traveller to sleep in.

*heavenly chorus sings*

I hope you liked this little exercise!
I’ve been super into A feast for crows lately. I’m about half-way through! Just in time for season 4 Game of Thrones!

I will eventually upload Sam, but right now I’ve only customized her everyday outfits, so she’s not ready for upload yet! Forgive me! have fun with Ann though, she deserves it!

I’ll be seeing you!

13 Responses to “The Shepherd Legacy ~ 6.3”

  1. Tanja Says:

    Aaah Sam is so beautiful! I love her <3

    Also Paris and Jason make adorable elders, very cute. Looking forward to babies X3

    • Mariah Says:

      Me too, I agree.. and me too on babies! I can hardly wait. I should go play!

      • Tanja Says:

        You should!

        I recently downloaded some of my favourite Skiptons and Shepherds. Sam was one of them, she’s married this good looking guy and had two children. One is named Francesca and she’s GORGEOUS.

  2. Mariah (Lily) Says:

    I missed your updates!

    I’m also really bummed about Twallan retiring. I’m trying to be excited about Sims 4, but every time I hear something good about it I learn two more terrible things. Like the fact that they’re not including Create-A-Style in the base game? How do they expect me to go back after that kind of freedom?

    Anyhow, back to your Sims: The girls are so stunning! Paris has gorgeous genetics. What is your favorite new feature of Island Paradise?

    • Mariah Says:

      Yeah I’m sorry you had to wait so long!
      Not only does TS4 sound a little disappointing but it’s also really freaking expensive. and that’s the base game.. so that’s like 1/10 of the game we’ll have in the end if we choose to spend all that money to buy the expansions and junk again. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a game right now.. but we’ll see when it’s released and the price goes down a bit maybe.. hopefully it’ll be on Steam.

      I’m so happy with how the girls turned out! Ugh I can’t choose.. I really like the building aspects. I’m boring I know haha. Building on houseboats is a challenge I really enjoy.

  3. Heather Says:

    Ooh, I adore Sam! Peanut looks pretty good too! I think Paris and Jason are adorable as little old people. Especially Paris who I have had a soft spot for since we met her. I think the house you built is spectacular! I don’t think the pillars look silly, it just looks well-supported :) I am very excited for new babies! Always a fun time with the Shepherds!

    • Mariah Says:

      I know, I LOVE Paris! I’d prefer a floating castle myself, but well-supported sounds nice and safe so I can live with that.
      Thank you!

  4. Luke Says:

    Can I ask if that means that Ann is out of the running? She was my fave xD
    I have a feeling that Sam and Peanut might become a couple… let’s see if I am right!
    Also, I was wondering if I could use Ann as a wife my my in-the-making prettacy to my second gen baby. Is it okay if I give her a makeover, considering I don’t use CC? All credit to you and your wonderful sims. I am soooo happy that you are continuing your legacies.
    Thanks Mariah!

    • Mariah Says:

      I moved Ann out of the house so yeah she’s out of the running unfortunately, but please please do use her in your game; you’re very welcome to do so. I love seeing my sims in other people’s games! You can give her a makeover of course, I only list the CC there in case people want the sim to look the same but most don’t so, you absolutely don’t have to make her wear the same stuff/hair as in my game :) Go wild lol
      I’m gonna go read you prettacy now whee!

  5. Luke Says:

    Just to clear things up I am ‘Lu’ who wanted that dress. Well, anyways, got High-end-loft-stuff! Expect to be seeing that dress through the prettacy now! New chapter up, btw. Hoping for Ann to be 1st gen wife (If prettiest baby is a boy) AND just got 2000 simpoints to spend… yippee! Sim!Mariah, Taylor, and Ernest are roaming the town now. Including their twins Noel, Bridie, and Jacky (Boy). Next prettacy chapter hopefully BABIES! Can’t wait for the new Shepherds chapter!
    Thanks Mariah for your awesome legacies! (Is half of my entertainment)

    • Mariah Says:

      Ah that clears things up, thanks! I know you said you don’t use CC, but really there’s a lot of CC out there that more FIXES the game than hurts it, so I highly recommend looking into at least some. Especially the StoryProgression mod I recommended in your other comment in the News post.
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

      • Luke Says:

        Hi! The thing is I HAVE StoryProgression mod. I just don’t have custom hairs, clothes etc. The reason being, last time I tried downloading such, I got so many bad cc, like aprons that were classified as an outfit! Now I realise part of the reason being was because The Exchange was my top CC dealer. I now realise that the exchange can carry all the files it wants to. On to mods, I have StoryProgression, MasterController, and (maybe) Woohooer. I might get woohooer especially for Ann to marry Celeste, the most normal looking baby out of the two. Will try your de-pudding methods! Hopefully it works!

  6. Wow, Sam is so gorgeous! I love her outfit, too, the plumbob pattern is so cute! And Peanut isn’t so bad looking either, they would make pretty babies.

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