Addressing a picture loading problem

If you have trouble loading pictures on some chapters of my legacies – specifically Skipton ISBI chapter 6.1 and 6.2 try loading them using a different browser. I loaded both chapters perfectly in Chrome, but when I tried them with my primary browser(Firefox) only some of the pictures loaded. It’s a Photobucket thing. They have stated that Chrome is their favourite browser, so others have more bugs.. and I have no idea how I would go about wording this problem to support *shrug*

In short: I’m really sorry for the inconvenience; try Chrome.

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  1. Luke Says:

    Hey Mariah! Sorry for so many comments… But I was just wondering how you get your townies to not have vanillapudding face. Pudding sims are starting to accomidate my prettacy-twinbrook, and soon they will all breed and everyone will be pudding! :O xD D:
    P.S Lol, if your townies ARE pudding, but you have eye replacements or something that makes them look different, silly me.
    P.P.S In my prettacy savegame, Sim!Mariah and Sim!Luke are gf and bf… that was weird! Taylor & Neste have had their 4th child, Lamont.
    P.P.P.S Last P.S! I was wondering if you have any legacies in mind I could read, for entertainment AND to put simselves & simmies in my game. Thanks!

    • Mariah Says:

      First of all, and this one I don’t recommend unless you know what you’re doing: I use AwesomeMod to make sure that NPCs such as mail-delivery and maids etc. aren’t created face-one. But you can easily just avoid marrying NPCs and marry townies instead which is why I don’t recommend it. It has many other features some of which you can’t turn off unless you wanna recode the mod yourself.
      You can try NRaas StoryProgression mod and make sure you have Genetic Skin Blending and Advanced Genetics enabled in the general – Pregnancy options menu in-game. Look at the specific options here if you want to investigate. I highly recommend the SP, it’s very easy to change into whatever you want and all the options are based on the save you’re playing, so if you go to a different town you can have completely different options if you want. Also you can save your options so you can use them in another save without doing all the picking and choosing of options all over again.
      I do also have default replacement skin and eyes, so that may have a hand in it, but if your sims are really that pudding-faced I recommend SP. There are even options to make sure that immigrants are blended from your bin sims so that they’re not face-one pudding.

      Basically long story short get NRaas SP.

      Now on to your other comments:
      I had another creator tell me that I was a complete lunatic in her game I dated everybody basically.
      Read the Creeper legacy(link in the sidebar), it is the funniest legacy you’ll ever read, it’s SO GOOD. Also you might want to look into the rolling stone gathers no moss DITFT challenge by Cait, it’s very plot-based and it’s beautiful and it’s also finished so that’s fun. Rad’s Dayes are brilliant and Rad also has other legacies to read, go to sidebar for link again. Those are my favourites right now. I also read some TS2 legacies(second link in the Others’ sims stuff) so if you’re into that you can read those too. More: Pokemon Rainbowcy! Southern Prettacy!

      • Linda Says:

        In my game, sim!Mariah is killing vampires as we speak. Badass. :D

        And there is a configuration tool for dummies for Awesomemod (just google awesomemod configuration) which makes it easier to use just in case Luke is interested.

  2. Heather Says:

    I know I risk being highly unpopular here, as everyone under the sun hates internet explorer (except me), but I have had no problems viewing your site, and every single photo loads perfectly for me.

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