The Shepherd Legacy ~ 7.0


No seriously this update has around 200 pictures. That’s the good news.

The bad news is I don’t want to play my legacy any more it’s exhausting to think about even loading my game up. But maybe in a couple of months you’ll see another update.

The bulk of the update was written at the end of April. I kept it here because there was an issue in my game I wanted to solve before I released this, but I still haven’t fixed it I’ll get back to that later to avoid spoilers.

Shark: As if.

Here’s Sam, our heiress. She looks like the Outsider here with those eyes.

Sam: If you want to carry my mark, maybe you should try being a little more interesting.

Literally nobody understands this reference.

Anyway after their little RP session Sam and Peanut played some juice pong.

Peanut won.

Sam wasn’t bitter.

Sam: It’s so good to have you as a friend.
Peanut: Yes. So can you use your connections and get Mariah to buy me a bed, cause I have nowhere to sleep in this house.


Sam: Maybe you can sleep in my fairy house with me?
Peanut: That’s really nice.. but I don’t think I’ll fit.
Sam: Oh right, human proportions and junk.

The following day Sam got to working on her LTW. Although she’d been gardening for a while, she hadn’t made anything bloom, and she needs to do it 100 times for her LTW, which is Greener Gardens. Thankfully she only has to use Bloom once. She doesn’t have to bloom one plant until it is on the harvest stage for it to count. So that sounds pretty easy.

Meanwhile Peanut went a-snorklin’

Watch out he’s coming right for you!!!!

Peanut: You can’t boat here!
Mikel: Oh yeah? Watch me!

So apparently I had forgotten my autonomy on the middle instead of high from when I was playing a different save and that meant Jason was just standing around in the hot sun and burst into flames.

Jason: AAAAAAAAAH! Hey we have a nursery? How cute! AAAHHH!

And then he changed into his formal to put himself out? Hmm.

Ah it’s Sam’s graduation!!

She was the valedictorian, like her dear dad and she was voted Class Clown, which I haven’t seen before! Fun!

Annmarie Shah is all grown up!

And let me tell you the Island Paradise world is full of hotties. Check out Inez Montero.

Brie and Ethan Shah are cute elders now.

Meanwhile Taylor’s making a very special meal for herself.

Taylor: Don’t want to grow old now hehe.

I’m not sure if I’ll let her stay young forever yet.. but I’m not done with her yet, I want her to master potions and maybe some other skills, there are just SO MANY.

Peanut has gone scuba-diving.

Hey is that an bottled message!?

The bottled message lead him to an island! We own our own island now?? Wow.

It’s really cool!

Peanut: Hey a treasure chest!

I forgot what I got from here, probably some money and gems. But really cool!

I like those stairs too bad it’s just an item and not actually usable stairs. Oh well this is the sims.

I have a bunch of nice scenery pictures in this update this is one of them.

Mermaids: Make a mermaid potion!
Taylor: That doesn’t look like it’s possible.. need to do more research.

After mastering the science skill, Paris only needs to get to the top of her career which is medical and then she’ll have finished her LTW!

Jason: Nice move..babe.
Paris: I won’t go easy on you no matter which petnames you call me.

Sam and Peanut met up at a fishing spot.

Sam: Hey I haven’t spoken to you in days! And we live together for fairy godmother’s sake!
Peanut: I just thought we could watch the view together.

Sam: It really is beautiful up here.. hey where’s the island you found?
Peanut: It’s really far away you can’t see it from here.

Sam: Maybe I can zap it closer?
Peanut: Hey Sam..

Sam: Pea?..

Sam: That was awesome!

It’s so funny how Peanut rolled a wish to kiss Sam and then Sam immediately rolled a wish to woohoo with him after they kissed. He is so much more tame than she is.

These sweethearts. I think they’ll do just fine as the bringers of the next generation. Generation 7! Wow I’ve come so far.

Sam: Damn it! I burned the wieners!

Nothing like some scorched sausage on a sunny day!

Sam: Not even once!

This is the best interaction.

Peanut: Working out is HARD.
Sam: Wait! I can zap it!

Sam: How does it feel now?
Peanut: Feels like I can do this forever!

Sam: I feel like I can do THIS forever.

Dang what a pretty sky.

Someone’s gonna die.

What a beautiful day for boating around.

Peanut: Move, please!
Yesenia: YOU MOVE!

Peanut: Fine, whatever I was going to turn anyway.

His destination was a diving spot, since last time I was very successful.



SHARK! Also nice beams of sunlight.

Hey it’s Ann! say hi to Ann everyone!

Not sure why I took these two pictures, but they’re really nice anyway so I’m keeping them in here.

Finally get Peanut a bed and he NAPS in it.

Gardening continues.

Jo: Yo! Breakfast time?

Every night. Every single night Jo has a meal at the house.

Good thing we have Taylor. She makes potions to refill Sam’s fairy magic bar.

I’m still really digging my idea to give Sam her own sort of level.

Whoa, woohoo in the dresser!?

Peanut: Heyyy wait, did you just change into a wedding dress after we woohooed?
Sam: Marry me? Just kidding just kidding!

Peanut: Well it’s not marriage, but will you be my girlfriend?
Sam: Sounds like fun!

Awwwe these sweeties.

Peanut: Sam sure tastes sweet.

Sam: Taste DEFEAT Sweet-Pea!
Peanut: Oh shit.

Language! Children live in this neighbourhood!

Meanwhile at the park Paris is holding a vaccination clinic.

Paris: You might feel a pinch.

Paris: Was it bad?
Sean: I could barely feel a thing!

And yet a GHOSTsim feels the pain..

Paris: Well, maybe she has some sort of plasma in her that doesn’t like the vaccine and is now letting the sim know by inflicting pain.
Cara: That’s all well and good, but can you make it go away?

Sean has already found love. Hopefully she’s also vaccinated!

I can’t get over how great this dress looks.

Also the hair is from the Monte Vista set. For some reason the site wouldn’t list it under custom store content. I guess it’s not available individually, like all world items.. It sucks.

Max: I still live!

It’s Max’s birthday! Peanut was the only one there.

Max: No hard feelings!

Max’s new trait is Family-Oriented and her LTW is Star News Anchor.


I feel so bad for younger siblings of legacy heirs, cause usually I’m already so invested in the heir that I often forget about the younger ones.

Paris is now a Neurosurgeon, that’s level 9!

Paris: Today, level 9, tomorrow.. level 99 heck yeah!

Maybe not.. you’re awfully close to the end of your life-bar.

This picture is only here because I really love this town-life stuff workout outfit. It’s so cute!

Mmm scenery porn.

It never ends. And it’s so cute. Old couples are so freaking cute. And Paris and Jason are CONSTANTLY flirting.

Jason: So I heard you’re “going with” my daughter.
Peanut: Umm.. that would be pretty accurate.
Jason: Good luck, she’s pretty wild. Always fishing, alllways fishing.
Peanut: well.. I’m an Aquarius myself. We’re both water people.
Jason: Ah.. imagine if you were a Pisces though. That would crack me up!

Hey look it’s kelp!

You think they’re an adorable couple?

HAHA but Sam is secretly thinking of Vampire fish the whole time!

One day I will get sick of the scenery in Isla Paradiso, but today is not that day.

Hey this Goth kid has similar colouring to Peanut!

Well the hair anyway.

More treasure!

More sharks!

The treasure was 5 diamonds! NICE. You can make at least one pickaxe with those!

Peanut: Wrong game!

Also he found a shark tooth on the sea floor.

Shark: MY TOOTH!

Sam: I’ve been caught in gardening it’s been a while since I went fishing!

Sam: Hello little herring!

Paris: And with this breast implant surgery done I have become a world renown surgeon! That’s LEVEL 10 I finished my LTW.

What are you gonna do now that you’ve finished your LTW!?

Paris: I’m gonna go to disney–wait no I’m just gonna go home and kiss my husband.

Jason: My baby is the best surgeon in the world! He gave this cold-hearted man a heart. Here my dear have it back. It is yours.
Paris: Jason, stop being a dork! I love you, you silly man.

Sam: Hey Peanut how was your day?

Sam chats with Peanut – immediately rolls wish to woohoo. The girl REALLY has the hots for Peanut. Not sure if she has anything else for him though.

Aw yis.

Penguin: Babies are coming.

I’d like to hope so.

Taylor: Ugh!

Sick of cute couples?

Taylor: No, I’ve already seen this episode five times! I hate reruns!

Peanut: Aw your sleepwear is so cute!
Sam: I know, right?! Now let’s try out the new bed we got!

Yay flying hearts!

Here are Peanut’s treasures, the sharktooth, the clam thing on the floor and an octopus.

This is the face of a  fairy that just mastered gardening and finished her LTW.

Speaking of LTWs, Peanut’s was Swimming in Cash and one day that Paris got home from work with her pay-check, his was finished also.. so they finished their LTWs before they had babies. Amazing. I just wish they got new ones like in TS2.

Peanut: a heart-shaped amethyst for the fairy queen of my heart!

Message in a bottle!

So.. I cleaned out my CC and figured out that I for some reason had merged a lighting mod together with some regular clothes/hair cc. That was the reason I couldn’t get any other lighting mods to work. So this is where I start trying new ones out now that I can actually see a difference.

This one was a bit too bright for my liking, but I kept it for the play-session.

The play-session that included this!

Sam: What’s uuup?

Sam: So seeing as I just threw up my breakfast TWICE.. I think I might be pregnant.

Peanut: Oh my fairy godmother! We’re having a baby!!??

Peanut: So should we start planning the wedding now, or after the baby is born?

Sam: Wedding? I don’t want to get married!

Peanut: You want our baby to grow up with unwed parents?

Sam: What’s wrong with that? Tons of people do that nowadays!
Peanut: I don’t believe it!

Sam: Why are you acting so upset, we haven’t even been together for that long.

Peanut: What are you saying? That you want to break up?

Sam: Calm your ass down. I still want to be with you and raise our baby and make out and whatever. I just don’t want to get married right now.

Peanut: Oh thank the magic!


Sam: excuse me I need to get rid of something.

Like your stomach lining? How is it that you have anything still left in there. I feel so bad for Sam.

So I did end up getting rid of this lighting mod, but it’s still dang beautiful with the auroras every once in a while.

And here’s Jason talking to her big bro Garen online at 4 in the morning.

Sam: A bump! This is really starting to feel like a real thing that’s actually happening to me!

Sam: Ah, nothing better than watching the sunrise with a glass of some grape drink.

Sam: And delicious food made by grandma Taylor.


Sam: Yeah this Cheesesteak is good, but some herbs won’t hurt!

Aww reading a pregnancy book?

Nope. This is Sam.

Sam: MUM! I forgot to tell you, I’m having a baby!

Sam: You’re a doctor, can you tell me the gender?
Paris: It’s a girl.
Sam: You.. didn’t even like touch the belly or anything.
Paris: Trust me, I’m a surgeon.

This thing. Is EVIL.

It’s a store item, it’s called B. Harvard’s Water Collection Set and if you put it on the wall on top of a counter your sim can not use that counter.

I just want everyone to know.

Sam: Aw he’s talking to my mum.

Sam: Is flying in the house still not allowed?


Sam: I changed my mind, I want to get married!

Peanut: Are you sure? Are you serious?
Sam: Yes and yes.

Peanut: Well it’s a good thing..

Peanut: That I didn’t get rid of this ring!
Sam: Aww you shouldn’t have!

Sam: Yay we’re engaged!

Peanut: Ok now that’s done I need to attend a meeting.
Sam: I have to pee.

Sam: My mum told me it’s a girl! Do you think she’ll like red?

Sam: I hope not, red is such a nervous colour.

Peanut: Did you hear that?
Sam: What?

Peanut: I heard a sound outside..
Sam: It’s probably just my dad talking to ghosts again.

As it happens..

But wait..

Peanut: What IS that? I’ve never seen an aurora like that before!

Peanut: Wait, that’s not an aurora!

Peanut: Oh sheep!


Meanwhile inside.

Sam: Hmm.

Soon the alien device brought Peanut back.

Peanut: ….she.. she’s beautiful!

Sam: Looks like Peanut is back from his midnight walk.

This is so cute.

Taylor: SON! What are you wearing!?

Jason: It’s my cool snazzy everyday clothes!
Taylor: Nooo, you look like a low-level entertainer from Starlight Shores.

Jason: Is this better?
Taylor: You just need a parasol now! Take mine!

Taylor is making cookies cause Sam craved some.

Aww father-daughter bonding time and they don’t even know it.

Taylor: YES, SAMMY!

Sam: Grandma’s cooking is great, but I can always add herbs!

I don’t know Sam, it looks kind of .. green.

I didn’t like that there were two food places, cause that meant the culinary track was very spread out. Nobody in culinary had bosses, basically. So I replaced the diner/grocery place with a grocery and a self-built little alchemy consignment shop.

Taylor was on the spot right away.

Look who’s getting beefy.

Them thighs.

But never mind that, here’s Sam giving birth on the side of the ocean.

Nah I’ll send her home I’m not mean.

Paris, you’re a doctor, help her!

Peanut: Have I been gaining weight?

Peanut: It appears this is not a good time to take that issue up with Sam.

Sam: Look, Peanut we have a daughter!

So the little girl is named Athena. She’s Brave and Neat. She’s a Virgo. She likes Roots, Potato and Truffle torte and the colour red.

Peanut said his hellos to his daughter.

Sam: Has he been gaining weight?

I like to get as many points as I can from wishes, so seeing as BOTH have a wish to get married I made them both drink a wish enhancing serum before they held their private wedding ceremony. Doubles the points!

Getting married on the deck was a good idea.

Peanut: We should take a wedding picture!
Sam: That’s a great idea!


Sam: Let’s go on a boat!

So romantic.

Sam: Gonna get the bottom of my dress wet getting out of the boat, but it’s totally worth it.

Wow I swear every time I see the little fairies there’s more of them.


So the problem I was having was yes Peanut got pregnant from the alien abduction.. but when he was ready to go into labour he reset completely and there was no sign of the pregnancy I wondered why. I tried to “instant baby” with the same alien but she was gone! There were no aliens in the neighbourhood at all! I didn’t know how to create new aliens so I got frustrated.

So, I’m sorry everyone. This might be the last update in a while ;_; I really don’t feel like playing sims lately at all.
I love you all very much and I’m so grateful for each person who has over the years sat down to read one of my legacies or another.

I’ll see you around!

9 Responses to “The Shepherd Legacy ~ 7.0”

  1. Tanja Says:

    Loved every single legacy you’ve written :) If you don’t feel like doing it anymore that’s fine, it was great while it lasted :) Thanks for bring sim joy!

    • Mariah Says:

      Thank you that’s so nice of you to say!

      I’m just glad I finished the previous ones. I got to try so many different legacies ^^

  2. Heather Says:

    Aw… what a cute update! I love all the pictures. I’m sorry you lost your alien baby. Another blog I was reading had the exact same thing happen. I’m also sorry you haven’t been enjoying The Sims lately. I know that pretty much everyone goes through that… I’ll standby until the next update! Always fun to see your Simmies.

  3. Ann Says:

    It’s a pity you lost the swing of things. But I know how it goes. ^^ I don’t think there is a simmer who doesn’t. Sometimes you just need a break, especially when you’ve had to fight your game to get anything done. Going in cycles, it’s what we do, no? ;)

    Take your time recovering, I’ll be here when you get back! <3

  4. Rad Says:

    Gorgeous shots as always! I know what you mean about playing, I want to, and then I get into it and sometimes it’s like… eh. But update if and when you want, people will come and read.

  5. Kim Says:

    None of us are getting rich off of these legacies. We do it because we love it; if you don’t love it anymore, you absolutely shouldn’t do it. That being said, I’ve loved every legacy you’ve written, and I’ll still be here to read this one if you choose to pick it up again. And thanks for all the great stories!

    • Mariah Says:

      Thank you so much. I just feel really bad leaving people hanging. At least there aren’t any huge cliffhangers with picture-driven legacies like mine. I actually have one chapter sitting in drafts again. I was hoping I’d get into a mood to play more and then my hard drive went kaboom so I didn’t get the chance. I WAS going to make a post about that and then I forgot, whoops.

  6. Hannah Says:

    Hi Mariah. Thoughts on TS4? I think it looks horrible.

    • Mariah Says:

      I haven’t got it yet, but I have to say at first I HATED it. I hated it more the more I heard about it, but I’ve warmed up to it a little.. if I have money to spare I’ll probably get it, but only if it’s cheaper and with an expansion added on to it cause it’s ridiculous to ask that huge an amount for the base game, it looks pretty empty.. I can’t see myself playing it without any expansions at all.

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