The Shepherd Legacy ~ 7.1


Read on.

I return to my legacy after months and what do I see? THE FREAKEN USUAL.

Not even mad.

Sam’s been fishing for the past couple of months.

And “Sweet-Pea” has been snuggling the generation seven first-born: Athena.

Athena who in retrospect I wish I had named Artemis, since she’s a Virgo and Artemis is the goddess of virginity and whatnot.

Pea: Hey penguin, do you think I’ve gained weight?
Penguin: I really don’t care.

The maid today is rude. Leave Paris alone, she’s a sweet lady!

Sam: We are going to die! We are ALL going to die one day!
Pea: Haha! What a relief!
Sam: I know! Wouldn’t want to be stuck here forever!

Pea: Well.. I don’t want to die yet though.. so do you have any food? I’m starving!

Pea: Omg thank you honey! I’m going to devour this curry wurst.

Leandra: Hey peanut, draw me like one of your undersea mermaids.

Maid: Heyyy hot stuff.
Sam: Ew gross! I’m married and have my husbands baby, creep! You work for me!

Peanut: Weird, I feel full but I’ve barely had a bite… wait… wait..

What happened!?!?!?

Peanut: I can’t recall.. all I know is that this is my baby.. my baby with the alien I met a while back.


Peanut: I’ll name him Apollo. It fits cause Athena and Apollo? And they’re half-siblings in mythology too?? Perfect!

Apollo is a good humoured loner. He’s also a Virgo like Athena, likes Egyptian music, Chilli Con Carne and like her sister he also likes red.

His mother is Xoxop Xip. The pregnancy errored out again, but I instant babied Apollo from another alien.. I don’t know why I didn’t do this last time it crapped out months ago? Anyway Apollo’s last name is Xip, like his mum’s and I’m keeping it just as a reminder that he’s ~*~different~*~

Pea: How will I tell my wife?
Penguin: Not my problem, dude.

Pea: I’ll just put him here and pretend nothing is different..

Sam: Umm… ???
Peanut: It’s a miracle, Athena spawned a sibling!

Sam: Hahahaha, sure.

Sam: Tell me what REALLY happened. NOW.

Pea: I was abducted by aliens, they took me to their star and knocked me up?

Sam: Did I wake up in an alternate universe where we live in a soap opera? But yeah that’s more believable than the Athena is a witch story.

Sam: I’m out.

Pea: Man, all that beef on me was just baby weight?? Seems weirdly impossible but I guess I’ll have to put that muscle back on.

Meanwhile Jason was invited to a party. He took his wife with him obviously.

Paris: Are you sure this is the place? I mean your brother can’t possibly live in a house made of cargo containers!
Jason: Garen was always an artist!

Isla was at the party! And my simself!

Jason: You know if you wanna watch the game, you should buy a bigger tv!

Garen: it’s less about the game for me, I just like having my friends and family over for drinks and chat.

Jason: You don’t have to throw a party to see me, Gary.
Garen: You know, you were always my favourite of all  my little siblings.
Jason: I remember..

Jason: Did you see my wife? I took Paris with me too. Doesn’t she look beautiful?
Garen: Now that you mention it: where’s MY wife?

In the other room Paris is sharing interests with my super friend Mandie.

Our simselves are married and have 3 adopted babies together.

I don’t wanna brag, but it’s a gay ol’ time.

My simself meanwhile tells a scary story to the other guests.

Paris: You know, I’m an actual real life doctor!
Mandie: This is boring, I thought we were talking about video games.
Paris: Oh and TV! What’s your favourite show?

Mandie: Actually I prefer to work out every day instead of watching tv.

Filed under: total lies

Garen: It was so good to see you, baby brother. Thanks for staying until everyone else was gone.
Jason: Any time. But I’m not such a baby any more. At this stage you can hardly tell who’s older.
Garen: Don’t say that you’re still so young!
Jason: So are you.. hey Paris, are you ready to go yet?

Paris: Uh… yeah I’ll be right out.

Not gonna lie. She swiped the other chair.

Jason: Ew who’s this gross ghost in our rocking chair!?

Brian: Have some respect I’m your ancestor!

Taylor: Grilled cheesus, I haven’t been kissed since Ernest died!

Taylor: It’s time to put myself out there again! And by out there I mean I’m gonna make a profile on a dating website!

But that morning there were things to celebrate other than Taylor trying to find a lover again.

Paris: It’s Athena’s birthday!!

I put her in a cute red sailor outfit.

Brown eyed parent + Dark brown eyed parent = green eyed kid.

Sam: Granny is a DOC-TOR. Can you say that? DOC-TOR.
Athena: Doc-doc?
Sam: Close enough!

The speech lesson was cut short because SAM IS PREGNANT!?

Sam: Makes sense, since me and Peanut tried for baby the other day!

Sam: Yeah, he was so beefy and hot.. of course I realize now that he was just pregnant.

Hey, lady good for you.

Sam: Looks like we’re going to have a lot of small children in the house.

Sam: Whoever is the other parent of Apollo.. I hope this is ok with you

Sam: Baby!

I hung out with my surrogate nephew today and I got to hold him for a long time.
I don’t want to have children but man toddlers and babies make me feel all nurturing. So I feel Sam here.

Jason: Oh.. sitting down and standing up is getting harder..
Sam: Take it easy dad. You know I’m here if you need me.

Sam: And mum’s a doctor, have to talked to her?
Jason: She does breast implants, Sammy.

Eventually Sam drifted off into a nap and Jason followed.

When he woke Sam was gone and he was reminded of the phone-call he received from Liz saying that Garen died the night before.

Pea: Please don’t cry Thena, it makes daddy cry.

Athena: I’m not even crying.

So that night Taylor met up with a guy that left a message on her profile.

Taylor: Matteo? I’m Taylor.

Matteo: Yes. Great to meet you!

Yes. Goood.

Taylor: So I came all this way and I don’t even know if you’re single!

Matteo: No, I’m married! Did you think this was a date?
Taylor: We met ona  DATING website for people who want to DATE!


He does have a REALLY cute house though

Some things never change, eh Jo?

Jo: What do you mean? Ugh I’m so hungry! I haven’t eaten in a decade!

Hey look it’s Kevin!!

Jo: Who?

Your.. husband..?

Jo: I don’t have a husband. I’m so hungry!

I guess it makes sense for ghosts to stop remembering things at some point, but it’s so sad.

Taylor: Why.. why was he on a dating website if he was married? He left me a very flirty comment! I..

Taylor: No! I need a fresh start!

Jo: Oh a HOT LADY!

Taylor bought a house by herself and moved out that day.

Peanut: Why are you wobbling like that?
Sam: I’ve been pregnant for 7 months!
Peanut: Oh shit.
Sam: I swear if those aliens made you have memory leaks I will murder them all.

But anyway, it’s Apollo’s birthday!

Isn’t he just adorable?

Pea: he has.. my eyes. Sort of..

Maid: Wow they don’t take care of their toddler very well.

Pfft! Mama’s in the kitchen processing the food right now!

Athena: Hmm yes the texture is just right!

Sam: I hope I can eat this piece of cake before she realizes she’s stuck there.

I think they’re doing pretty fine as parents.

Pregnant sims holding babies gives me life. Idk it’s just so cute.

But that’s it!

I’ll see you when I get a new hard drive so I can actually PLAY the game. Go to the front page for into if you missed it!

7 Responses to “The Shepherd Legacy ~ 7.1”

  1. Tanja Says:

    Omg omg omg. I could barely believe it when I saw this had been updated 8D You have no idea how happy this mankes me. Hnnng. Gotta re-read it again <3

  2. Heather Says:

    Aw, the whole little family is so cute! I loved seeing them all again. I’m looking forward to seeing the children age up, and meeting the new baby! Taylor’s adventures in online dating seem pretty realistic, ha ha ha. I’m glad she moved out to start fresh!

  3. I really love Athena (and Peanut)’s hair colour, it’s so pretty. Can’t wait til we see these guys again, hopefully you get your computer fixed up soonish.

  4. Natasja Says:

    Ah, you always make me want to play the game with your fantastic pictures and your way of portraying the Sims the way they actually act in the game! :D

  5. Tinypiglet Says:

    Hi Mariah, I really love reading your stuff and I was wondering if it would be OK to use some of your sims to populate my town for gen 5 of my isbi including your simself?

    • Mariah Says:

      Yeah absolutely! That’s what they’re there for. SORRY ABOUT THE LATE REPLY!!

  6. Jenn Says:

    Even though you are having computer issues, I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award

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