The Shepherd Legacy ~ 7.2

Okay.. hi.. wow I wonder if you remember me.

31st Jan 2016: This is an OLD – NEW update. All the pictures are from about.. a year and a half ago… probably more and the text was written ages ago I have no idea why I have put off posting it. What follows are a couple of old status reports before the actual story begins.

STATUS REPORT: I have installed my new SSD that I bought! I haven’t played sims much on it yet. I literally just ran sims to try it out and then I had to go to sleep.

MORE STATUS REPORTING: I have good news and bad news. Good news is that when I installed my new solid state drive and went through backups I found that my screenshots folder was full of stuff that hadn’t been turned into an update yet.
The bad news is that I can not find the notes I took while playing any of this update so I’m totally winging it! *cries softly*

EVEN MORE STATUS REPORT: My CPU was constantly overheating which put me off using it. But as of the 20th of March I finally got a new cooler for it that works well, so hopefully I’ll be in a better mood to play games on it(and sims).

Aw look, it’s Je—Jason.. I swear I saw this picture and thought of Jensen Skipton. Wrong legacy ._.

It’s Jason and baby Apollo.. was that his name? Don’t look at me I’m embarrassed.

Food stand lady: SHE’S GONNA BURST!
Sam: Um, I’m pregnant, I’m not a grenade. Thanks.

Sam: I’m gonna stand here and eat next to you just to piss you off.

Sam: Omg.. I think.. I think my water broke!

A small water taxi ride later and..

Sam: I don’t like blue!! I like brown, why are none of my babies brown like my mum!
Artemis: Mummy hates me!!

Good thing I still have the notes where their traits are written down.. cause it’s separate from the notebook where I write other game info down.. I have too many notebooks!

Artemis is a Natural Cook and has a Photographer’s eye! She likes Soul, Hot Dogs and the colour Aqua and she’s a Virgo like her siblings(side-effects of eternal summer plus the mod that makes signs only show up in certain seasons).

Sam: Mama loves you Artemis!

Oooh no.

Jason passed away after work..


Random townie: Don’t worry, just eat some ambrosia and you’ll be ok!

Peanut found his new daughter.

While Paris found her husband’s urn. This is all kinds of sad. They were so fond of each other.

Baby baths encourage bonding between parent and child.

Sam: And this one was drawn by my uncle Garen.
Athena: Shoe!
Sam: That’s right.

Sam: And this one was written by my grandfather.
Athena: C is fo’ … cowplan’!
Sam: You know it!

Sam: Aaaand almost done!

All baby skills learned it’s time for a Birthday!!

Athena: My dress may look cheerful but don’t be fooled!

Athena is now a Genius. Her other traits: Brave, Neat, Grumpy

She’s a pretty cute kid.

Ann came to visit. I think that’s Ann? I gave her a makeover. It’s kind of my thing.

Athena helps the half-brother(it’s Peanut’s kid with the aliens) with his skills.

But then she met this guy.. His name is Winter Mason.

Athena: I love the colour of your shorts!

Winter: I like the colour of your hair!

So yeah I threw a party and invited some kids cause I was determined to have Athena make friends.

It was a roaring success.

Athena gets Taylor’s old room since she moved out.

Umm.. I forgot Art’s birthday?? Oops.

She’s adorable, of course.

And because every birthday/birth has to be followed by a sad event.. Paris dies.

Paris: Um, why am I white?
Peanut: Omg Paris, you can’t just ask sims why they’re white.

Grim: Ur ded, lol.
Sam: That’s just cruel, how can you say that to someone!

Well, at least they’re together again.

Full moon looms over Isla Paradiso.

And the ghosts are out in full force!

Pranks are being pulled

Athena: I’m BLOND???

Athena: Who did this?!

Everybody’s reading.

Athena: You’re a vampire!
Townie: How did you know?

Athena: Why, you have no feet! Classic vampire trait!

Townie: Hahaha, spread your tales little girl. Nobody will believe you!

Townie: I’d kill you but people are watching.

(This is what happens when you go on a CC uninstalling spree)

Athena: Hey it’s the boy from my party!

Not that he was the only boy at her party.

Athena: …oh my god it’s Spring now?

Athena: Well kaching!!

Winter: She’s so beautiful!
Athena: Heck yes I am!

(Pay no mind to her bad suntan. Half her body is tanned, the other half is not.)

Winter: I’m so glad I got to spend the day with her omg.

Harvey or whatever his name was has grown a magnificent beard wow.

It’s getting kinda creepy how he’s just watching her from a small distance.

Athena: Hey aren’t you cold?

Winter: Now that you mention it yes, I am freezing… time to go home anyway..
Athena: Um.. okay, bye!

Back home it’s Apollo’s birthday!

He’s adorable??? omg. I was not expecting it.

Small tiny children.

In other news Peanut almost died.

Peanut: I almost died! LIKE PARIS!

Look at the collection Athena has from just a couple of hours of egg hunting.

Hi Max!

Athena: Once we’re done with this can we play with dominoes?
Peanut: Sure.

Peanut: Heck yes I won the domino game!!
Athena: Dad.. I think that is not why you’re celebrating..

Peanut: I’m… becoming an ADULT?? Noooo!

Peanut: Please love me even though I’m officially “getting old”!

Sam: You’re still the one for me!

So I forgot I wanted to make Peanut do the diving thing so I sent him down where it’s wetter again.

Oooh a message in a bottle.

Peanut: Gotcha!

It sure is sunny so far deep.

On the beach we encounter Max.. wowxa she’s hot.

Looks like Apollo went to a friend’s after school.. but his friend was nowhere to be seen. So Apollo did his homework and watched tv.

While his family was having family game night.. with special guest Winter Mason!

Winter: How do you feel about marriage?

Sam: You’re like 9, you’re already trying to court my daughter??
Sam: Relax honey he’s just a child.
Athena: While you argue over who holds possession over me I want you all to know.. I am winning!

Winter: Well.. uh.. I think  it’s time to g–
Sam: Another game!!

Winter: You don’t say no to a rematch. Gives you the opportunity to win again.

Anyway look I actually remembered a birthday.

The whole family is here!

Artemis is so cute, wow!

I made her room really cute I really love this room!

[This update was last edited 10th of January 2015. I'm back now and it's 21st of March 2015. How is this update taking me so long?]

I decided Artemis should be a writer. Although if she painted it would also tickle me.. cause “Art” can be her nickname.

Peanut: My children are beating me at DOMINOES?? How have I fallen so low?

There’s a wall dividing them but the sisters are technically sleeping next to each other.

I think Sam is a great step-parent. And Apollo is the only boy in this set of kids, so I think that might endear him to Sam more.
Not more than her daughters mind you.

Art: And the princess walked along in her kingdom.

Art: But the building she loved the most was still her castle on stilts.

Um.. so Athena’s little boyfriend grew up.

Good thing Athena is growing up too!

Winter: Yaaaay!

Athena: I’m so excited to have cake!

I love her jawline.

But regardless of that her new trait..

well as I didn’t even remember the traits she had before, here are all four she currently possesses: Brave, Genius, Grumpy and Neat.

Winter: I’m so excited to officially start dating you!!

Athena: Wait, you’re EXCITABLE? Gross!
Winter: You’re grumpy? I thought you were excitable too, you said you were excited to have cake!
Artemis: What a romantic moment, dad. We should take a picture.

Athena: Thankfully one little trait doesn’t deter my affection for you..

Athena: In fact.. Winter..

Athena: I.. LIKE YOU!

Time for another family board game night with special guest Winter.

Peanut: Best party ever.
Sam: We should have gotten balloons though, cause right now it looks like any other night.

Artemis was the only one not joined in on the fun. She was refining her writing skill.

She has so far written one book and it was a hit novel! The title was Family Domino Night. Aww.

Sam: What a beautiful view..

Sam: Wait a minute.. oh, young love! So glad my daughter has found a nice boy who cares about her already.

Indeed they are official now!

Athena: Remember, no kissing other girls or boys, else you won’t be allowed to kiss me any more!
Winter: Don’t cheat on your partner – that seems pretty obvious.

By the way: Athena has a cute nightgown.

Athena: Also a cute face!

Orange ice cream for breakfast? You weirdo.

So… Peanut went diving and found THIS. Holy shit.

Peanut: Wanna dance?

These cuties.

Sam: Whoa whoa. We gotta leave something for the next chapter!

If there will be one.
I don’t even have the game installed right now and idk how well the mods will work after all this time. I mean they should work okay but we’ll see if I feel like playing again.

Let me know if you’re still out there and watching!
Would you like to see me finish this, or would you rather I document something else.. play other games and write/post videos of them? Cause I’m paying for this domain so I feel like I should do something here and I love video games and I’d love to put myself out there again! Thank you for reading!

8 Responses to “The Shepherd Legacy ~ 7.2”

  1. Hayden Says:

    Oh my God you’re back!! I’m so psyched!! I just happened to look at the website today and poof there was a new chapter. Man I km so fucking happy please never stray from us again lmao

  2. Whit Says:

    I came by your blog to get some inspiration for a build I’m doing (I’ve been reading your legacies without comment for years, oops) and I was so excited to see a new update of the Shepherds!

    I’m all for whatever you’d like to do on this domain. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do. Glad to see you’re doing well!

  3. Jasmine Says:

    Hey there! I’ve watched and read your updates since the Chimeree Legacy, and whether you decide to finish this legacy or do other games is fine by me, I always enjoy reading the pretty pictures and writing you do. Honestly, seeing what else you could do with other games has me pretty excited (if you decide to do that :P) Glad to see an update from you again.

  4. Denise Says:

    I’m reading! You showed up in my feedly list, and I was instantly excited. Your updates have always been my favorites. I hope you’ll still keep playing and writing something Sims related! Sims 3, 4, whatever. Your updates are so fun and colorful!

  5. Amanda Says:

    So happy for an update! I’d like to see this legacy to the end since you’re so close, but it’s alright if you dont finish. I’ll be happy as long as you still do sims 3 related things ;)

  6. Sam Says:

    You’re back! I was just about to reread the Skiptons, and found a new update!

    All the kids are so adorable, though I think Athena is my favourite atm, especially with her cutie boyfriend Winter. Though adding some occult and colour into the family line could also be good.

    Since you’re so close to the end of the legacy, it would be a shame if you didn’t finish this – but then, I get that the save is probably going to be all laggy, and a new game/challenge would be nice and shiny. Either way is fine with me, as long as we get the purdy graphics again :)

  7. Chazy Says:

    I am so psyched you’re back! I’ve been reading your legacies without commenting for years but I’m so glad you (and some of my other favourite legacies) are coming back.
    I’ve missed the Shepherds and as Sam said, since you’re so close to the end it would be a shame not to finish but if it’s too laggy then a new legacy/challenge would be fine too :D

  8. Kim Says:

    Peanut: Omg Paris, you can’t just ask sims why they’re white.

    I lol-ed for real at that one!

    Happy to see you back! I always love your stories, so I definitely think you should keep going… but if it isn’t working properly and/or you’re not loving it anymore, I’d definitely check out whatever new thing you decided to do, too!

    Best of luck to you. I hope whatever you decide makes you happy. :)

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