The Shepherd Legacy 7.3

 photo Screenshot-1.png

I’m back with a vengeance. Or I’m trying to be. here goes  nothing!

Most of this update is my sims doing autonomous shenanigans cause that’s how I roll.

 photo Screenshot-2.png

Yay the save loaded! Look at the house it’s glorious!

Time to move though.

 photo Screenshot-3.png

Artemis: The house in front of our new house is HIDEOUS. Who colours their fence the same as their house?


I think it must have been launcher-installed CC, cause it’s gone young lady.

 photo Screenshot-4.png

Athena: MY hair is still here.

I installed mostly complete packs I had bought from the store but not all.. so we’ll see what happens.

 photo Screenshot-5.png

This is where I realized that Athena is just Sam with a less pointy chin, blue hair, and green eyes.

 photo Screenshot-6.png

Apollo: Nice to see I haven’t been uninstalled.

 photo Screenshot-7.png

Peanut: This is my neutral face and it’s so confused.

 photo Screenshot-8.png

Peanut’s favourite thing to do in this new game is to roll wishes towards his children.

 photo Screenshot-9.png

Art went to do her homework autonomously. I love this kid.

 photo Screenshot-10.png

Sam cries over the new windows I installed in this maxis-built house.. and I totally forgot to take pictures of it.

The family now lives in Monte Vista which is a store world that I bought apparently?? I don’t remember doing that but it was in my purchase history so.. okay.

 photo Screenshot-11.png

I only played this game like 2 days ago but I already forgot why I took this picture. She must have wanted to read a book.

Athena: It’s my sister’s book! Artemis wrote this!

Oh, right.

(I am a professional. I promise)

 photo Screenshot-12.png

These two are constantly wooing each other autonomously. Looks like I have another Paris and Jason on my hands.

 photo Screenshot-13.png

I bought them a sandbox.. look I seriously forget what sims even DO so I bought them random stuff I could think of. I’ve gotten terrible at game.

They love the sandbox though, so I must be doing something right.

 photo Screenshot-15.png

I made these two play some table tennis.

Sam: Heh. We’re SUCH jocks!

 photo Screenshot-16.png

Athena: Artemis! Why aren’t you wearing sunblock! You could get hurt by the sun’s rays!

 photo Screenshot-17.png


 photo Screenshot-19.png


 photo Screenshot-20.png

Athena: Christ, Artie.. I just worry about your skin..

 photo Screenshot-21.png

Artemis didn’t care for her older sister’s nagging and just went upstairs cause she had wishes regarding writing more novels.

The kid is like 10 and is already getting 200 buckaroonies in royalties.

 photo Screenshot-23.png

Since Art wasn’t having it, Athena went to play with her little half-brother instead.

 photo Screenshot-24.png

Athena: Hmm.. I heard there was a neighbourhood grill-a-thon going on but I don’t see anyone..

 photo Screenshot-25.png

Woman: You fool. I will make it to the grill first nobody will see me coming!

 photo Screenshot-26.png

Athena: well.. there’s only one grill.. so I guess I’ll put the firepit on..

 photo Screenshot-27.png

Athena: Nice to meet you by the way. I’m Athena Shepherd.

Woman: It’s a pleasure.

Athena: Sorry; I didn’t catch your name.

Woman: I didn’t give it to you.

 photo Screenshot-28.png

Woman: Burgers are ready!

 photo Screenshot-30.png

Looks like it’s ladies’ night at the grill-a-thon.

This has robbed me of making any sausage fest jokes.

 photo Screenshot-31.png

Back home Sam is hosting a fairy house party. Apollo is enjoying it to be sure.

 photo Screenshot-32.png

Aww, Jason!

 photo Screenshot-34.png

Sam: Thena, Peanut and I are going on a  vacation for 2 days. You’re in charge.

Athena: Aw sweet.

Sam: Don’t forget to go to school.

Athena: Aw noo..

 photo Screenshot-35.png

Well, school was uneventful. But afterwards Artemis rode her bike.. she looks very determined by the way..

 photo Screenshot-36.png

She rode it to the cinema in town.

 photo Screenshot-37.png

Meanwhile the kids at home did their homework.

Apollo: I HATE homework.

 photo Screenshot-38.png

Athena: It’s like pulling a sticking plaster.

 photo Screenshot-39.png

Athena: You know.. I don’t just hate homework I hate school altogether.

 photo Screenshot-42.png

I finally realized I should give Artie something other than base-game hair.

 photo Screenshot-43.png


 photo Screenshot-44.png

She went on to haunt the chessboard.

 photo Screenshot-45.png

Heyyy I remembered Athena had a boyfriend so he was invited over to this world. Since I moved them using the ingame option to move to a new world.. he still existed. Cool.

 photo Screenshot-47.png

And just in time for Apollo’s birthday.

 photo Screenshot-48.png

Apparently he had only a C or something cause I didn’t get to choose his new trait, which is: Rebellious.

(Other traits: Frugal, Good sense of Humour, Loner)

 photo Screenshot-49.png

Um, that swing is getting a bit small for you boys. That’s adorable though.

 photo Screenshot-50.png

Athena: I think you should move in, so I don’t have to keep inviting you over.

Winter: That’s a great idea! I’m sure my parents won’t miss me!

 When I was managing the households in the move screen.. uh.. Max was in the household. As in Sam’s sister Max. She must have married Winter’s father after his mother died or something cause she had the Mason last name but lacked any relationship with Winter.. and I forgot to check his relationship panel, I just looked at his family tree.

 photo Screenshot-51.png

Artemis: I love school! Learning new things? It’s fantastic.

Athena (under her breath) : Are you kidding me? omg this kid..

 photo Screenshot-52.png

Athena: Yeah.. I love um.. I love reading and stuff.

 photo Screenshot-53.png

Apollo: Shaka bra!

Winter: Um.. I don’t know what that means..

 photo Screenshot-54.png

Apollo: Omg, you uncultured swine. It means “No worries”. It’s a problem free philosophy!

 photo Screenshot-55.png

Done with these stupid other sims Apollo went to play video games in Artemis’ room. On her laptop. Rude.

Artemis: Can’t wait till mum and dad are back so I can tell them about this.

 photo Screenshot-56.png

Peanut: I missed my baby boy’s birthday party!

Sam: A PARTY? I didn’t tell them they could have a party!

 photo Screenshot-57.png

Sam: You trashed the house? You’re grounded young man!

Apollo: Your generation ruined the economy!

 photo Screenshot-58.png

Sam: And you too! You live here now? Well  my roof, my rules! You’re grounded too!

 photo Screenshot-59.png

I forgot aliens don’t even need sleep and just restore brain power like this.. I mad him a bedroom for nothing.

 photo Screenshot-60.png

I find it funny that Athena did not get scolded after the parents got home. Neither did Artemis.

Those two are the only ones directly related to Sam. Curious.

 photo Screenshot-61.png

The teen lovers don’t get to share a bad. I just pushed two single beds together to make a double.

 photo Screenshot-62.png

Artemis writes long into the night.

Her new novel is called: The Quantum Banana.

I don’t know what that means.. I was just eating a banana at the time.

 photo Screenshot-64.png

Apollo: Daaad.. I’m sorry I made a mess.. I don’t wanna be grounded, pleeease!

 photo Screenshot-65.png

Peanut: Okay, but only if you make me a delicious meal as I am very hungry right now.

 photo Screenshot-66.png

Apollo: Really? Omg, I’m making mac and cheese!

 photo Screenshot-67.png

Apollo: I can’t believe I sucked up to the parental unit.. It’s against my rebel code.

 photo Screenshot-68.png

Peanut: The mac and cheese is delicious. You are ungrounded.

 photo Screenshot-69.png

I spied Winter autonomously complimenting Athena and them embracing afterwards. How sweet.

 photo Screenshot-70.png

Being ungrounded and having a newly chosen Lifetime wish to be a creature-robot cross breeder Apollo went to fish since I think you need fishing skill to work in that field, as well as logic.. Also he rolled a wish to fish so..

Not sure how well you see through the bushes though.

 photo Screenshot-71.png

On second thought. Brilliant camouflage.

 photo Screenshot-72.png

Kinda upset he can’t be heir.

 photo Screenshot-73.png

Sam loves the automatic garden thing. She cheers for it like every ten minutes.

 photo Screenshot-75.png

A loaf?? What is this.

 photo Screenshot-76.png

Oh hell I forgot we had this thing that came with Monte Vista!

 photo Screenshot-77.png

Peanut: Little Art.

Artemis: Dad, this better be important I was sleeping in the fairy house.

 photo Screenshot-78.png

She’s very flighty.

 photo Screenshot-80.png

Peanut: I loved your latest sci-fi novel!

Artemis: I wrote it all the while getting on honour roll! Oh heck I forgot to do my homework.

 photo Screenshot-81.png

It’s okay. Peanut helped her finish it.

 photo Screenshot-83.png

And then read her her own book until she fell, asleep.

Too bad the game failed to notice the bed clearly labelled “Artemis’s Bed” and made them do this action on the parents bed instead.

 photo Screenshot-84.png

Peanut slept on the couch that night.

 photo Screenshot-86.png

Apollo doesn’t have quite the same tact. Curious though, that he seeks Artie’s company seeing as he is a loner.

 photo Screenshot-87.png

Athena: I’m up early because this house is haunted.

 photo Screenshot-88.png

To make her morning worse, someone had set a prank on the computer

 photo Screenshot-90.png

Artemis meanwhile is having her birthday!

 photo Screenshot-91.png

The whole fam is here! Wait.. where’s mum?

 photo Screenshot-92.png

She’s still snoozing.

 photo Screenshot-93.png

Artie doesn’t mind though.

Artemis: More cake for me!

Her new trait chick I got to pick cause she was an honour roll kid, is: Schmoozer. Idk.. I wanted to pick that for some reason.

 photo Screenshot-94.png

Artemis: Whoa dad, did you really find that stone in the ocean?

Peanut: You betcha.

 photo Screenshot-95.png

 photo Screenshot-96.png

Peanut: You know, you look fit for a dead man, mister Shepherd.

 photo Screenshot-98.png

Back to writing it is for Artemis.

Who’ll be the heiress though? Athena or Artemis? Comment with your opinion!

That’s it for this time!


10 Responses to “The Shepherd Legacy 7.3”

  1. Hayden Says:

    Is Athena up for download? She’s gorgeous I can’t
    Also, nice to see you back in the swing of things c:

    • Mariah Says:

      No, the kids aren’t up for download yet. You can check the Downloads/Sims page in the sidebar if you wanna see who’s up for download.

  2. Starlatrix Says:

    I can’t tell you how great it is to see updates again! YOUR SIMS MAKE MY LIFE. I miss TS3 so much but I will live through your game, haha.

  3. Sam Says:

    Both the girls are so gorgeous…though kind of leaning toward Artemis, since she’s not a clone of her mom, like Athena is. And plus, the blue skin!

    Apollo is awesome, I love that he doesn’t have the tiny nose that so many aliens have. Maybe that “instant baby” actually mixed the genetics, yay!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Great chapter as always! I’m definitely wanting Athena for heiress, I love her hair and eye color and I love Winter Mason!

  5. Anna Says:

    Hi Mariah!

    I just finished reading through your entire Chim-Chim-Cheree legacy (I am late to the party, as usual) and I am super-excited to have found your actual for-real website just now! I can’t wait to read your newer legacies!! Thank you for keeping me so entertained :D (Also, sorry if I’m putting this comment in the wrong place!)

  6. Kim Says:

    Ugh… I really, really want to vote for Athena because I love her already, and her relationship with Winter is adorable… but she IS pretty much a clone of her mom. So, I’m going to go with Artemis!

  7. Lily Says:

    Hi! Recently I’ve read all of your legacies and I’m so happy you’re updating this!

  8. Shizume Says:

    Yay, you’re back! On a random whim, I just decided to drop in and check on the site and I see an update. Glad to see that you’re getting reacquainted with the game.

    As for the vote for heir, I’m voting for Artemis! :)

  9. Tanja Says:

    OMG. I was just reading through your legacies over the holidays and I never knew the Shepards had been updated????!

    I’m so happy I got to read some more of them, Artemis is a stunning sim, you always get such beautiful genetics.

    I hope they’ll get an update again some time, my votes out for Artemis ofc, even if she’s very similar to Sam, she’s far more interesting to me.

    I’d wish you good luck with the game, but we all know Sims is a buggy as hell game. :P

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