About Me

I’m Mariah or Koel if you will. Born in 1988!

I like playing TS3, posting random things on Tumblr, listening to music, eating chocolate, drinking tea, and being lazy.

I have a room-mate named Marco. We live our quiet lives in a town in North-Holland in the Netherlands. I was born in Estonia, which is a small country in north-eastern Europe. I was hanging out on one of those avatar sites a few years back, met a nice guy, fell in love and moved countries to be with him; now we’re simply good friends.

I’ve always liked The Sims. I never had the first game, because we didn’t have a computer or not a good one anyway. I was jealous of my cousins who got to play the game. By the time The Sims 2 was released my family was ready to buy the game and we did! I’ve been obsessed ever since.

My first legacy was the Maguire legacy, which can be found here. It was a regular old legacy with no special themes or anything of the sort. It was mostly lame and I was glad when it was finished. But I finished it! Whoo!

My second legacy was an alphabetacy with the last name of Apple! 26 generations of simmies! They can be found here.

My third legacy found itself on The Sims 3, a rainbow themed legacy called Chim-Chim-Cheree, or the Chimerees! They can be found here.

My legacies from then on can be found here on this website! Enjoy yourselves!

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