The Shepherd Legacy 7.3

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I’m back with a vengeance. Or I’m trying to be. here goes  nothing!

Most of this update is my sims doing autonomous shenanigans cause that’s how I roll.

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Golden Plumbob!

So since I clearly needed more encouragement (not sarcasm) I was awarded a Golden Plumbob for one of the best completed sims 3 legacies for Chim-Chim-Cheree Rainbow Legacy, for which there is a link in the sidebar on the homepage, if you haven’t read it yet or want to read again!

Please go check out all the other winners at!

Addressing a picture loading problem

If you have trouble loading pictures on some chapters of my legacies – specifically Skipton ISBI chapter 6.1 and 6.2 try loading them using a different browser. I loaded both chapters perfectly in Chrome, but when I tried them with my primary browser(Firefox) only some of the pictures loaded. It’s a Photobucket thing. They have stated that Chrome is their favourite browser, so others have more bugs.. and I have no idea how I would go about wording this problem to support *shrug*

In short: I’m really sorry for the inconvenience; try Chrome.


Sam’s up for download now! Go get her!

Update!: I’m still alive.

 Hey dudes! Yes I’m still here. Sort of. Here’s ask I received on Tumblr on the subject.

 So in short: I’m a piece of crap for not letting you guys know whether or not I’ll be updating again, which I will! Hopefully some time before the month is through(March 2014) I’ll have two updates for you, since I actually have had one in the drafts for a while that I haven’t finished because it’s tough to find the words when you’re just not feeling it. I’ll try to keep you all in the loop next time I go on a hiatus. Sorry!

PS: I’ll also see to replying to the comments that I’ve received while I was absent!



Mariah plays University Life!

Say hello to Toni Mason.

She is the female version of Mason Skipton because I was too lazy to make a sim from scratch. I decided to try out University Life with her. Most of you have probably seen enough pictures of this expansion to decide whether or not to get it, but here are mine to the mix as well.

Toni: I can show you the wooooorld.. burning to the ground!

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New house!

No new update for the Shepherds yet, after the Skiptons were finished, but I did make this little house and uploaded it today :)

What follow are some pictures and then a download link :)

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I updated the family tree to show generation 9 yay! I only have to wait till the new babies grow up to YA and I’ll be able to finish the family tree.. and also the legacy itself, which is scary.

Link to the tree post.

Link to the tree itself.